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15687-Senior Technical Artist(Animation)

WeWork, Singapore

Job Resposibilities:

  1. Develop and maintain Animation State Machines and Animation Trees.
  2. Proactively identify problems, propose solutions and work fluidly with other team members. 
  3. Periodically review the animations in games and make sure they function appropriately.
  4. Collaborate across disciplines to improve studio tools and pipelines. Actively communicate with animators, game designers, and programmers to help them understand basic theories and limitations in animation.
  5. Push the graphical limitations of our engine to produce high-quality animations. Singapore-CapitalSpring | Singapore-WeWork



  1. 5+ years production experience in AAA Game project development.
  2. Familiar with Skeleton Settings and animation system in 3ds Max or Maya.
  3. Familiar with the animation state machine and animation tree.
  4. Familiar with theories and limitations of animation in-game production.
  5. Excellent communication skills, especially with regards to illustrating technical processes.
  6. Facility with more than one modern 3D scripting languages is a huge plus.
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