Nightingale will get an offline solo play mode, Inflexion Games has announced. The studio will prioritize development on solo mode for the currently online-only game.

The decision comes after Nightingale‘s early access release days ago, allowing Inflexion to study how players responded to the latest version.

In an update posted on Steam, Inflexion noted that it decided to prioritize co-op play early on, because its envisioned creating a large interconnected world for players to explore. Nightingale‘s “realm” design creates procedurally generated worlds, allowing players to create new experiences through combining “cards”.

Players can join publicly open realms, seeing and interacting with other players there to head off to hunt monsters or complete quests together. Nightingale also allows players to create private parties and invite up to five friends, with people having the freedom to drop in and out.

With the more-complicated nature of multiplayer, Inflexion said it chose to tackle the more-technical challenge in development, prioritizing online over solo play.

Inflexion’s modus operandi has been to do frequent check-ins with player communities and iterate. Earlier this month, it conducted a large open stress test with over 48,000 players to test its servers’ ability to handle multiplayer.

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Community feedback was also responsible for Nightingale‘s third-person perspective, and helped shape the game’s onboarding experience too.

Nightingale, published by Inflexion, is the debut title from the Canadian studio which was formed by a group of ex-Bioware veterans.

Honor of Kings, the world’s biggest MOBA (mobile multiplayer online battle arena) game, makes its next big reach into new international markets today. The latest regions to experience the mobile phenomenon are the Middle East, North Africa, Türkiye, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and South Asia.

With this launch, Honor of Kings welcomes players to join its 100 million daily active users. The game was first available in China, before Brazil became the first overseas market to get it last year in March.

Its chief game designer, Dean Huang, noted that in order to help the game reach more devices globally, the team prioritized keeping the game download as small as possible without sacrificing graphics quality.

The game’s mechanics also emphasize fair play so that players newly coming to the game can experience success through honing their skill, not paying to win.

Huang said more than a thousand developers have worked on Honor of Kings in the course of its evolution over some 40 version updates.

Hear from Dean Huang, and the development, and community teams:

To celebrate the new launch, all 72 of the game’s heroes will be free for players to try for a month. Brand tie-ups with Hello Kitty and SNK means players can get official themed skins and items from these other titles.

Honor of Kings is available for both iOS and Android.

Inflexion Games’ hotly anticipated co-op survival crafting game Nightingale has launched in early access on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

The game sets the player in an interdimensional Victorian-era world, where giant creatures lurk around every corner. Players must craft weapons, build shelters, and fend off these monsters while navigating through the ever-changing landscapes. By working together, players can overcome challenges and uncover the secrets of this mysterious world.

Early access not only offers the chance to experience the game before its full release, but it also allows players to provide feedback for improvements.

Aaryn Flynn, CEO of Inflexion Games, has been vocal about employing a constant feedback loop with players for the game’s development: “We’ve always said we’re a community-first studio, so we’ll continue to listen to the feedback and work with our players to really make this an exciting, thriving community to be a part of.”

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Flynn is a former Bioware veteran who was responsible for overseeing the development of high-profile titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. For Nightingale, Inflexion is paying more attention to the way players interact with the game in its development cycle. By playing an active role in shaping this game, players become not just consumers, but co-creators.

Nightingale is the studio’s first self-published game and is supported by Level Infinite. Players can get it on PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store.

The world’s biggest MOBA will join this summer’s Esports World Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The festival will last for eight weeks, and will bring together some of the most skilled players from around the globe.

The Honor of Kings Invitational Midseason will kick off in August, and is set to be one of the highlights of the World Cup. It is set to bring together 12 teams to compete for a US$3 million prize pool and a chance to qualify for the grand finals later this year.

Honor of Kings is the latest example of our commitment to the mobile esports space, as we continue to prioritize our investment in the esports landscape,” said James Yang, senior director of Level Infinite’s global esports center.

The launch of the Invitational Midseason follows our recent commitment of US$15 million to support the Honor of Kings esports scene.

We’re also weeks away from the Honor of Kings Invitational on March 2, which kicks off with eight global teams facing off in Istanbul, Türkiye. We’ll be covering that event, so stay tuned.

NBA Infinite, the officially licensed game from the NBA, has launched to bring non-stop basketball action to mobiles.

The game reached a whopping 6 million pre-registrations ahead of launch, and had Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns as its first official icon athlete.

NBA Infinite offers different player modes, from real-time 3v3 matches to 1v1 and larger 5v5 “Dynasty” games. Players also can maintain and upgrade a dream roster of NBA stars and coaches.

NBA Infinite is a game built from the ground up with players in mind,” said Anthony Crouts, senior director of Level Infinite. “Our team is dedicated to creating an experience that matches everything fans love about basketball.”

The game was also on show at the recent NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis, with a dedicated booth at the fan experience NBA Crossover in the Indiana Convention Center, and another booth at the NBPA’s NYC-style Brotherhood Deli in the Circle Centre Mall.

NBA Infinite is ready for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Reviewers all over the world spent the weekend playing Nightingale, having been given preview access to Inflexion’s co-op survival-crafting game. 

During this session, media got a first-hand experience of the gaslamp Victorian fantasy setting of Nightingale, and were introduced to its Realm Card system, which allows players to customize their experience when entering portals to new realms. 

Many reviewers were also thrilled with the ability to traverse the landscape with an umbrella.

Check out what they had to say:


“Although the survival-crafting genre is seeing a resurgence as of late, Inflexion Games’ Nightingale truly stands out from the pack.”

PC Gamer

“Nightingale stands out from the co-op survival game crowd with compelling world-building and the power to create and explore your own magical realms.”

Rock Paper Shotgun

“The other way Nightingale makes procgen interesting again is to characterise the generation of worlds as the act of drawing from a deck of enchanted (Realm) cards…It’s a wonderful idea that ties Nightingale’s world-building to much older, analog traditions of “procedural generation”…and introduces a sly “gotta collect ’em all” mechanic that I’d love to become the basis for some kind of full-blown card-trading scene.”


“We also had ammo infused with fire, ice, electricity, and poison and could pull magical spells from our enchanted gear to cast during fights to increase defense or heal teammates. There’s a fairly deep combat system in Nightingale that mixes up-close melee battles and first-person-shooter elements that felt punchy and satisfying throughout.”

“I recently went hands-on with a pre-launch build of Nightingale and found a survival crafting game that has the potential to be the genre’s next big hit. It doesn’t rock the boat too much at first, but once players can dive deep into its lore, building, and innovative Realm Card system, exploring the Faelands looks like an entertaining experience, especially in multiplayer.”


“Nightingale has huge potential, even in a genre that’s packed to the rafters. The Realm system doesn’t only offer players a chance to explore and discover as a community rather than being led down a garden path, it also lets players make Nightingale whatever they want it to be.”


“They say all games are better with friends, but Nightingale appears to be one of those games to which the saying is especially true… as far as first impressions go, Nightingale is damn good. If you’re a fan of the survival game genre and haven’t got this game on your radar, remedy that and start saving.”


“The secret to Nightingale’s Realmwalking lies in Realm Cards… Within the scope of the preview, generating realms went off without a hitch, and environmental detail and vivid lighting that punch above the survival crafting standard offer some real pleasures when exploring them.”


“Here’s what makes Nightingale unique. Nightingale has a card system which allows you to travel through realms. Realm Cards offer a thrilling and creative experience in crafting virtual worlds through Nightingale’s portal network.”


“To sum up, Nightingale is a back-to-basics survival crafting game of which expansion is very much looked forward to. Users have freedom in gathering resources and building their own base, while there is enough fun in exploring dungeons and taking on bosses either in solo or with a group of people. Meanwhile, player growth and base expansion worked well together.”

Nightingale will launch in early access on February 20, and will be available for PC gamers on Steam and the Epic Game Store. In the meantime, players can get prepared for Nightingale’s expansive world with Inflexion’s performance expectations benchmarking chart.

Nightingale is the studio’s first self-published game with the support of Level Infinite. Find out more on the official Nightingale site and join the official Nightingale Discord.

Our top esports executives talk about how they developed their careers in gaming

Level Infinite will begin supporting British Esports with a new weekly content series featuring Level Infinite and Tencent Games executives’ career stories. The series of videos and interviews provides a candid look into how some of our esports executives built their careers in gaming, and is aimed at educating those interested in building similar careers.

British Esports is the UK’s national esports federation, and focuses on developing esports careers and education. The not-for-profit aims to support grassroots activity and future talent, to get players primed for medal events on the global stage.

The interviews will touch on the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to grow an individual’s esports career, and delves into some of the executives’ personal stories that’s shaped their work so far.

The set of interviews kicks off today, with a new interview released weekly:

  1. James Yang, director of global esports center, Tencent Games
  2. Abdallah Al Ghifari, senior esports manager, Level Infinite MENA, Tencent Global Games
  3. Krys Jaro, senior esports manager, Level Infinite MENA, Tencent Global Games
  4. Lexi Ma, lead of esports operations, Level Infinite
  5. Max Yeung, senior esports manager, Level Infinite
  6. Jay Liang, esports manager, Level Infinite

James Yang led the development of the PUBG MOBILE esports program at Tencent Games. Previously, he was publishing director at EA, and has held various roles in managing and development game production across Asia.

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He talked about different career pathways in esports, naming directing, production, community, and marketing as examples. He said a passion for gaming is just part of the picture; one should develop themselves in their respective roles to stand a better chance of joining the industry.

“It’s very creative work. Bring your personal value…study hard, play hard,” he said.

Yang also noted that the industry is fast-paced, yet rewarding. “It’s very challenging because there’s no day and night—esports continues 24 hours.”

“You can see how people enjoy what you make…But you also need to be ready, you should be tough,” he said.

PUBG Mobile has lit up in pink for Valentine’s Day again this year. Players brought the love, posing for pictures and inviting friends to join them in parties.

For the special event, players were asked to pose for photos on a platform with partners, and given items like sparklers and limited edition outfits to make their pictures unique. Players also competed in mini-games and challenges to score points to get more items, with the festivities set against a backdrop of heart-shaped fireworks.

By participating in events, players were also able to earn points to redeem items such as pink bicycles, and Google Play and Apple Store gift cards. They were also able to get roses to increase their “synergy” with someone else—an in-game mechanic that marks friends as special connections and allows a player to unlock partner poses and display close friends in your lobby.

Our community team spotted plenty of V-day moments. Here are some that stood out:

Last year’s Valentine’s Day haul offered red tuxedos and gowns to go with new weapon skins, to be redeemed during the two-week campaign period. Players typically send in-game currency to each other as gifts and use what they’ve received to redeem limited edition merch.

Inflexion Games’ upcoming co-op survival-crafting game Nightingale will launch in early access two days earlier, on February 20. Players can get the game for PC on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

The Canadian studio has also released a new trailer to whet our appetites.

“Having the game release at the start of the week not only allows our community to get into the game earlier but also gives us time to address any launch issues ahead of what’s sure to be a busy weekend,” says Inflexion Games CEO, Aaryn Flynn. “All in all, we’re excited to get the portal network up ahead of schedule.”

Flynn has been vocal about the studio’s decision to iterate the game’s development closely with community feedback. This contrasts with the traditional development model of polishing the game internally before the public sees it as a final product.

“I don’t know how you go back and do it more old school like we used to do it,” he told IGN recently.

To that end, the studio completed an open stress test last week with over 48,000 players. The stress test allowed Inflexion to test its servers’ ability to handle the upcoming early access launch.

Nightingale is a PVE (player versus environment) game that is set in a Victorian gaslamp fantasy world. The world can be explored solo, or with up to five other players.

Players can expect a unique, generative experience with Nightingale’s Realm Cards mechanic, which creates new worlds by combining different cards.

Nightingale is the studio’s first self-published game with the support of Level Infinite. Find out more on the official Nightingale site and join the official Nightingale Discord.

Ahead of its regional launch later this month, Honor of Kings has already crossed 2 million pre-registrations from eager players in Türkiye, the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, and South Asia.

The world’s most-played MOBA, with some 100 million daily players, will come to those territories on February 21.

By reaching the 2 million milestone, TiMi Studios is giving all pre-registered players 5,000 gold in the game; if the numbers reach 3 million, players will get to try all the game’s hero characters for 14 days.

This is the second phased release before the game goes global later this year. The free-to-play mobile game has been a hit in China for years, before it made Brazil its first overseas market in 2023.

Esports fans can look forward to the Intercontinental Invitational next month in Istanbul, which comes with a US$300,000 prize pot. The competition kicks off with the group stage on March 2, with the quarterfinals commencing on March 7, before the semis on March 9 and the finale on March 10.

Building on the hype of its reveal in December 2023, Level Infinite and Lightspeed Studios have now dated the official launch of NBA Infinite, the free-to-play mobile basketball game, on February 17. The game will be fronted by three-time NBA All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns.

NBA Infinite Karl-Anthony Towns

“To be the icon athlete for NBA Infinite is such a great honor,” said Karl-Anthony Towns. “The game is fun, exciting and, much like myself, very competitive.”

Towns is a three-time NBA All-Star and two-time All-NBA Third Team selection, and was the recipient of the 2016 Kia Rookie of the Year award. The Dominican-American pro plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and made it to the Dominican Republic national team when he was just 16.

The superstar will also be featured in the game alongside other brand ambassadors including De’Aaron Fox, RJ Barrett, Tobias Harris, Andrew Wiggins, and Jrue Holiday.

NBA Infinite Karl-Anthony Towns

Alongside the star power of NBA Infinite, fans will get to enjoy the play-by-play calls in-game from veteran NBA announcer Mark Jones. He will be supported by regional sportscasters Michael Körner (Germany), Xavier Vaution (France), and Rômulo Mendonça (Brazil), offering an immersive experience like what you would get on TV.

Pre-registration for NBA Infinite on both Apple and Google Play app stores is open. Pre-registering will give fans a chance to win the official NBA Infinite Launch Sweepstakes, which includes prizes such as tickets to a 2024-2025 NBA regular season game.

To stay updated on the latest news, please visit the official website and follow NBA Infinite’s social channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord.

The world’s biggest esports mobile game, Honor of Kings, comes to more regions in just under a month. On February 21, players in Türkiye, the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and South Asia will get the TiMi Studios hit MOBA title on iOS and Android devices.

This regional availability will pave the way for the game’s global launch later this year.

Over 1 million players have already pre-registered from these regions. That window is still open, and TiMi has offered in-game rewards to pre-registered users.

The loot includes:

  • Ying, one of the game’s iconic Heroes 
  • Ying’s Crimson Tassel skin
  • 500 Diamonds
  • 2000 Arcana Fragments
  • 5000 Starstones
  • A free trial of all Heroes for a limited time period 
Honor of Kings' official launch set for Feb 21

Honor of Kings has some 100 million daily active players. Since its release in 2015, it’s mostly been played in mainland China, where it’s only been available. Last year, Brazil became the first country outside of China to get the game, where it rocketed up the charts to become the country’s most-downloaded free mobile game in less than a month, and eventually getting voted in for the Google Play Users’ Choice Award.

TiMi has said that its developers continue to refine the game based on learnings from billions of matches played. The studio has had to strike a balance between playability and being able to reward skilled players as they progress up the charts.

“We have worked closely with our colleagues at TiMi to provide our community with the best possible version,” said Herman Zhao, head of emerging markets publishing at Tencent Games. “Whether they are experienced MOBA players or newcomers to the genre, having a localized game, including a comprehensive tutorial, shows the emphasis we place on our players’ needs and giving a warm welcome to Honor of Kings.”

Getting primed for an international launch also means preparing something for multiple communities. In addition to adding localized in-game text, Level Infinite and TiMi’s future content roadmap includes local cultural events and collaboration with regional talent.

Honor of Kings has previously partnered with world-renowned musical artists and celebrities the likes of Hans Zimmer, Joe Hisaishi, and, most recently, DJ Alok.

A growing esports program

The Honor of Kings’ esports scene will get a US$15 million boost ahead of its international launch. This will go toward creating global tournaments, but also smaller events that are more accessible.   

We won’t have to wait too long to see this in action. Come March, Istanbul will host the Intercontinental Invitational with a US$300,000 prize pot. In the summer, this heats up with the mid-season invitational and its US$1 million prize pool.

The end of the year will all the fever come to a head with the Honor of Kings Championship Invitational, where teams from around the world will compete to be crowned the ultimate champion.

With the Early Access launch of Stampede: Racing Royale expected in the first half of this year, Sumo Leamington and publisher Secret Mode Games have been prepping for the big day.

Their free-to-play racing game will pit massive groups of 60 players against each other in a battle royale on the tracks.

Sumo, which is a uniquely remote-first studio, has to ensure all its developers are headed in the same direction and that everyone is communicating well.

In this behind-the-scenes look at the studio’s process, we get a glimpse of what it takes to make a racing royale game speed along.

Keeping remote-first work flowing

As the studio tells it, first priority is making sure your people feel fulfilled. Studio director Chris Southhall has an essential role in making sure “everything is running happily” to help the team reach their goals.

“If we have developers who know what their purpose is, if they have autonomy and have a good sense of agency and freedom, then we generally, you know, see a happy team,” Southhall said.

Sumo says pursuing a balance between work achievements and prioritizing openness and trust has created a successful remote working culture, even as it breaks the traditional mold of developing games.

“The culture here, and the enthusiasm and the energy of people and, you know, the ability of people is just brilliant,” added Southhall. “Being able to, kind of, just work with colleagues and have that level of trust, and if there’s any issues, the conversation is always, ‘Okay, what do we do next? How do we fix that?’ And that kind of positivity and that willingness to move forward together is really special.”

Stampede started out with a small team working on it, before that grew to over 100 people. To scale, the studio groups developers into feature teams, with each focused on a particular aspect of the game.

Producers keep communications flowing between feature requests coming from the operations teams, and developers. “It’s usually a back and forth that says, ‘You want the moon? We can give you the stars, that kind of thing,’ ” said Arran Blomfield, a senior producer on the game.

Another producer, Aoibhinn McCauley, manages sprints which organize development goals over a set period of time. After a sprint is over, teams dissect their progress in a spring review and conduct weekly playtests to assess.

The marathon of making a live-service game

Sumo notes that with Stampede being a live service title, its team has its ear to the ground gathering feedback and iterating constantly.

“There is no sort of endpoint; you are developing, then you are putting out more content, you are doing big season drops every few months. So this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon,” said Paul Hollywood, Sumo development director. “What we have is so special, it’s so exciting, and it comes through from the enjoyment of the team and the passion that goes into development.”

The live service approach has been gaining in popularity over recent years. Proponents say it keeps game content fresh, while the development team is able to keep its ears to the ground and deliver on user feedback more quickly.

“It’s always out there, it’s always under people’s scrutiny, and we always have the ability to change it without great big updates or people buying new DLC to fix problems with the existing game,” Blomfield explained.

Stampede Racing Royale Live Service

It benefits the developers as well, giving them more opportunities to fix things and react much more quickly compared to the conventional way of development.

“If there’s a bug and you could go in, you fix it, and then you feel like Superman,” said McCauley.

Stampede: Racing Royale is set to launch in Early Access on Steam in the first half of 2024. Fans can check in on the game’s development via the public Trello Board, or keep up with official dev logs to get a closer look at Sumo Leamington’s work.

The next major expansion for Level Infinite and Hotta Studio‘s Tower of Fantasy is just weeks away. This update, Beyond Horizons, will launch on January 30 across mobile and PC.

The version 3.6 update for the hit open-world MMORPG will include an all-new map with additional missions, a continuation of the main storyline, two new characters to play, and two new world bosses. It also marks the game’s 1.5-year anniversary celebrations, with various events and rewards for players to enjoy.

Visiting Aquaville

The new Aquaville map will allow players to roam the beginnings of the technology that was developed to allow humans to survive in Domain 9.

Visiting Aquaville

In ruins now, the Aquaville is in the midst of restoration, and welcomes players to jump into its mysterious and dangerous industrial zones in search of secrets and, hopefully, a solution to ending the Darkness crisis in Domain 9.

The new story chapter, called Impending Storm, also sets the stage for a showdown with the villainous Hive Mother. As the story progresses, we get hints that we’re inching closer toward the end of the old world.

New World Bosses

Players are set to meet two new bosses.

The first, Ying Zhao, is a combat droid developed by the Nine Arks Industry. This foe is still in the early stages of development and players will encounter it in battle. The second is Fei Lian, a native creature of Domain 9 with wing-shaped blades on its back that are as deadly as they are colorful.

New World Bosses

Like other unique world bosses who can be found across Aesperia, Vera, and Domain 9, the two new additions will provide tough challenges worth taking on.

Exploration and Puzzles

The 3.6 update also contains new puzzle-solving and exploration mechanics for Tower of Fantasy. Seek out the eight talismans scattered across Aquaville to unlock the Profound Lattice and uncover the stone tablet’s mysteries, or attempt to charge the Thawing Talisman with Aquaville Bright Crystals to obtain the rewards within the sealed device. Just watch out for waves of enemies that become increasingly more difficult to handle as the seal breaks.

Players should also pay attention to the Four Symbols Cauldron, which harnesses gathered field energy to produce various helpful resources.

Exploration and Puzzles

Users will be able to receive field energy as a reward for performing different tasks, such as balancing energy flow modulators found around Aquaville. At the same time, field energy collectors have also been added to other unlocked maps in Domain 9.

The game now also offers devices for field energy exploration. These devices, when activated, reveal energy shards within a certain range, so players can begin harvesting.

Plotti and Yanuo Simulacrums

Tower of Fantasy welcomes two new Simulacrums with this update, Plotti and Yanuo.

An SSR Simulacrum, Plotti is an elite member of the Hykros Headquarters. A talented coder, Plotti is not a technician, but a combat operative specializing in special operations and infiltration, able to handle multiple foes on her own. Her weapon, the EP-7000 Skyfire, is customized specially for Plotti, delivering flame and physical damage and highly efficient aerial combat capabilities.

We’ll share more details about Yanuo soon.

Celebrating 1.5 Years

To celebrate Tower of Fantasy‘s 1.5 years, Hotta Studio has prepared a large selection of new events for the game.

Among the goodies up for grabs: 135 draws for free (including Normal Pool SSR Weapon ×1 or Gold Nucleus Box ×80), the Mi-a Outfit: Lucky Mi-a, accessories such as Journey of the Past, Year’s End Firecracker, Sacred Feather Crown, and various other commemorative titles.

Rare items will make a comeback. Expect to see Cobalt-B Haute Couture: Argent Intuition and Silver Flame Revolver, Lin Haute Couture: Azure Heart and Coral Weave, and Vehicles: Nova and Floating Bubble, as part of the event.

Get ready to update the new game on January 30.

Inflexion Games‘ shared-world survival crafting RPG, Nightingale, will launch in Early Access this February, to welcome players into its Victorian gaslamp fantasy world.

Global gaming media giant IGN was given exclusive access to showcase the game and its many gameplay elements, giving fans a clearer picture of what to expect when they take their first steps in Nightingale.

A wild world to explore

The initial stages of Nightingale begin in its wild Fae Realms. Players are tasked to find their way back to the city of Nightingale—but first, they must master the basics, starting with building up a home base, otherwise known as an estate, with the help of guide character, the mysterious Puck.

Viewers got a closer look at the game’s mechanics, covering movement, resource-gathering, and hunting. Nightingale aims to offer the player a sense of freedom in exploring its world, while nudging them in a direction to progress in the game.

As Inflexion CEO Aaryn Flynn told IGN: “That was definitely a challenge: to construct a game that inspired players to go and achieve their own goals instead of just dictating to them what they had to go do. And that was a real mindset shift for us at the studio.

“And so the idea there was rather than have a straight narrative set of quests…a game model we’re all very familiar with at the studio, we put the sites of power in to inspire players to say, ‘Oh, well, I wonder what’s in there. I’m curious about that.'”

Procedurally generated worlds keep the experience fresh

Nightingale has one unique trick up its sleeve—the Realm Cards mechanic. By combining three types of cards, players can open up new worlds that contain fresh mysteries and creatures to discover.

One of the three, a Biome card, determines the overall environment, and the Major card will spell its challenge level. The last, a Minor card, adds various modifiers such as weather or special abilities. The cards need to be crafted with materials in-game and can also be found in the wild, encouraging players to explore and collect.

Nightingale Realms

Users can go about these tasks alone, but the game also allows players to buddy up in groups of up to five for multiplayer fun. With a group to tackle the Faewilds together, the game’s more challenging content like vaults, puzzles, and large creature hunts become more accessible challenges.

Designing the world’s large monsters

Those large monsters, or Apex Creatures, are some of the most challenging foes in the game. After Inflexion revealed the Sun Giant at Gamescom 2023, this showcase with IGN gave us a look at the Humbaba and Eoten creatures.

Nightingale Humbaba

The Humbaba is a dragon-like beast designed to fit into the gaslamp fantasy realm. Inflexion concept art director, Steve Klit, noted that it has expressions that are almost human-like. “The face on that creature had a real kind of humanity to it that we retained in the final version that I think was really cool. You could kind of feel the personality when you’re looking into the face,” he said.

Nightingale Eoten

With the tree-like Eoten, art director and head of audio at Inflexion, Neil Thompson, said that the team drew inspiration from the Ents in Lord of the Rings. The result is an imposing Apex Creature that still manages to blend into the Faewilds, embodying characteristics of their natural habitats.

When players locate one, they’re in for a fight. The Humbaba can call upon Harpies to disrupt the players, while it attacks with poisonous fumes and its large body. As for the Eoten, its long roots stretch out for long-ranged combat, and smaller Eoten can join the battle to raise temperatures.

No more ‘old school

As Flynn tells it, Nightingale could have been a massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG) instead. But after iterating and working closely with its player community throughout development, the studio listened.

“I don’t know how you go back and do it more old school like we used to do it,” Flynn said. “There’s no substitute for having players engage and them being so generous with their time. They’re extremely thoughtful, clever…They know what they want to play.”

“We work very hard on a lot of the systems that help us collect feedback and pair it with telemetry,” said Inflexion production lead Leah Summers. “We’ve got analysts on the team, and so we are putting a lot of value in how to get feedback, how to organize feedback at scale so that we can bring it back to the dev team to say, ‘Hey, this is what’s really important to players.'”

Nightingale Hope Echo

This feedback also paved the way for big changes such as a third-person perspective and arachnophobia mode. Other smaller quality-of-life changes were also influenced by the community, allowing Nightingale to be polished further even before officially becoming available.

With Early Access, the studio expects to kick up feedback gathering a big notch. “If you look at Baldur’s Gate 3, I think [Larian Studios] did something truly remarkable by launching their game and then having almost three years in Early Access, and learning from their players,” Flynn said.

“I think they definitely showed that approach can work for any experience…It can and should be a valuable evolution for the overall culture of the industry.”

Nightingale will be released in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store this February.

With the imminent global launch of its hit, Honor of Kings in 2024, TiMi Studios is set to up its commitment to growing the global esports scene.

Sharing an early look at the roadmap for 2024, Jan M. Jahnke, the lead for global esports products at Level Infinite, said: “At the core of our ecosystem, we’ll be focusing on you, the player, and teams around the world. Our plan is to invest US$15 million to build an international esports ecosystem.

“This system will include local and global tournaments specifically designed for our different regions, aiming to give more players and teams the opportunity to participate in our esports programs.”

This announcement follows last year’s establishment of the Honor of Kings pro league in Brazil, where we also hosted the game’s first-ever official tournament back in 2022.

As more regions get unlocked, TiMi Studios also plans to host additional professional tournaments across the globe, to provide a platform for teams to compete and qualify for the Global Invitational Series.

Countdown to March: The Honor of Kings Global Invitational Series

The first season of this premier competition will kick off with the Intercontinental Invitational this coming March in Istanbul, Turkey.

We’ll share more details about the second season in the coming months.

Honor of Kings Global Invitational Series

In the summer, competitive players can look forward to the mid-season invitational with a US$1 million prize pool up for grabs. The event will see the debut of the new King Pro League dream team, made up of the best players in the Honor of Kings esports scene in China, going head-to-head with the rest of the world.

All of the action will lead to the Honor of Kings Championship Invitational at the end of 2024, where the premier teams and players will square off for the biggest prize on the biggest stage.

“It’s a lot to take in, and I am excited to be part of creating this journey for all of our fans and players around the world. 2024, to global honor!” said Jahnke.

TiMi Studios‘ hit MOBA game, Honor of Kings, is set to go global this year. After launching in Brazil, the mobile game is now ready for pre-registrations in Turkey, and countries in the CIS, Middle East, and North Africa.

Gaming fans in territories such as North America, South America, and Europe are next in line to join the 100 million daily players on the world’s most-played mobile MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena).

The free-to-play game offers paid content such as cosmetic upgrades and battle passes; the developers have designed upgrades to offer some conveniences, but not to favor paying players with gameplay advantages.

The global launch of Honor of Kings will also take into account placing game servers across the globe, in order to provide low latency gameplay.

Honor of Kings was first launched in 2015, and is available on both iOS and Android devices. It is made by TiMi Studio Group, and published by Level Infinite.

MoreFun Studios has announced the next update for its hit mobile first-person shooter Arena Breakout.

The new Season 3 update, dubbed ‘Enter the Vault’, will bring a new map, bosses, guns and gameplay elements.

Season 3 will see players attempt to infiltrate a new Television Station map, in order to unearth secrets about the ongoing war buried within its vault. New bosses Kort and Rolf are waiting to stop players from breaching the elevator that leads to the vault.

Once players eliminate opponents, the mission is not over; they’ll still have to grab the loot, and break out of the facility in one piece.

The new arena ups the stakes further with limited room for maneuverability and more instances of close-quarters combat—testing the players’ ability to wield the new bullpup weapons being added, like the Groza, FAMAS, and AUG.

This update follows October’s Season 2 Battle for the Port content drop. Season 3 goes live on January 19 for both iOS and Android devices.

With procedural generation bringing an infinite number of Realms to the table, players can look forward to adventures full of unique sights and sounds in Nightingale. And the fun isn’t limited to solo players either; enjoying Nightingale can be a group activity, with Inflexion implementing multiplayer support for up to six players at any given time.

For those excited to leap into the Faewilds alongside friends, let’s get into how you can get the most out of the upcoming open-world survival crafting world together.

Party time

By default, all players venturing into Realms in Nightingale will have complete privacy, with no other players able to join in. For co-op play, each party can contain up to six players, with no PvP or friendly fire to worry about at launch.

After completing the opening tutorial segments in the Byway Realms, players can start sending or receiving party invites, with in-game voice chat aiding in communications. Level scaling will not be in effect, so players can team up with more veteran Realmwalkers as long as they can keep up with more challenging encounters.

The fun of sharing

Once in a party, players can choose to enjoy the mechanics of Nightingale with a multiplayer slant. Those with dreams of living and thriving together can do so by placing an Estate Cairn in the same Realm. This marks it as your home, or Respite Realm. Players can only have one active Respite Realm at a time.

By sharing the Estate, players will be able to return to the same Realm without others needing to be online at the same time.

Nigtingale Multiplayer Home Realms

While players head out to the Faewilds to bring back loot, being in a party makes sharing a lot easier. All loot chests rewarded for completing encounters are instanced—everyone gets one—and for items found by individual players, simply drop them for other party members to pick up.

Quests, on the other hand, will be tracked on a per-player basis. Some quests need the player to progress far enough to unlock them. The best way to progress is to do so together, with friends to help carry the load.

For example, eliminating an Apex creature as a group will see everyone obtain the same completion rewards, with no one left behind. It might be less daunting to do this as a group compared with a solo attempt, too.

Welcoming strangers

To cater to the more adventurous Nightingale players, setting a Realm to public will allow players to see other players seeking out multiplayer realms in the same world. While some might be keen on the fun of team work, there’s always the chance of encountering others who are looking for something to destroy.

Nigtingale Multiplayer Instanced Quests

The option to open a Realm to the public will be available after players have established their starting Realm, also known as the Abeyance. You’ll find the option to make a realm public at the Realm Card portal machine.

We’re counting down to Nightingale‘s Steam Early Access on February 22.

Inflexion, the studio behind upcoming Victorian-style survival game Nightingale, is gearing up for the game’s Steam Early Access launch set for February 22.

Before that milestone lies a big server stress test scheduled for the start of the new year, to help Inflexion gather data to ensure that February’s launch will be smooth.

Nightingale‘s Early Access release window has seen some changes from the original plan. Initially set for end-2022, the decision was made in order to give the team more time to polish the product alongside an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5. As a result, additional gameplay improvements continue to be added based on player feedback, with new features such as third-person mode being part of the mix.

Maribel Diaz, Inflexion’s community coordinator, said: “Early Access means different things to different studios; for us, it’s always been about establishing a solid foundation for player experience, one that we could then build upon with the community.

“We know delays are frustrating, but this new date means our team can finish their work, take the holidays to recover, and then come back full force to support Early Access launch and continue development.”

20,000 Playtesters Helping To Improve Nightingale’s Fantasy World

Over the course of Inflexion’s playtests these recent months, players have contributed tens of thousands of hours to help the team iron out how Nightingale behaves and feels.

August and November’s playtests saw nearly 20,000 players jump in, with the most dedicated player clocking 194 hours in the game.

Players were given several new toys to play with, including an expanded character creator with more options, together with an improved building system. Those who had difficulties in the early game were treated to a smoother onboarding system, with increased accessibility and quality-of-life options like a realm overview.

Inflexion has used the testing to kick the tires on previous design updates, and gather feedback on late-game balance and bug fixes. Its developers are also working on ensuring better performance across player equipment setups.

The policy of transparency with the community also saw Inflexion answer some of the more frequently asked questions about Nightingale via its latest Developer Update.

For starters, the Realm Cards that determine how a potential game environment will look, as well as the flora and fauna that spawn, will not be sold as microtransactions. These will all be craftable in-game, a worthwhile incentive driving players to spend more time in the Faewilds.

With the new upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.3, the game is set to handle bigger loads and still perform competently. This will be important for those looking to party up in teams of six when Early Access rolls around and explore the uncharted lands together.

Meeting the Fans at Gamescom 2023

August’s Gamescom 2023 provided the platform for Nightingale to meet with its community in person for the first time, and the team brought a life-sized portal along for the ride, together with cosplayers portraying key characters Puck and the Scarlet Woman. Gamescom also saw the release of the official trailer that set the release date of February 22, 2023, which added to the excitement on the show floor.

Behind closed doors, the team met with media and content creators to give them a live demo of the game, showing off the progress made by Inflexion in the past year.

“While gamescom was a lot of work from various different teams to prepare for and also execute during the actual show, it was an absolute delight to meet so many of you in person and share the enthusiasm for the game with you,” said Steph Herdman, Inflexion’s community manager.

Reflecting on the multiple playtests that Inflexion has invested in this year, Herdman said “player input is very important” to the team. “These sessions are “incredibly important to us to solidify a foundation for the game before it is openly played by everybody.”

Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming event was held in Cologne again this year, and welcomed some 320,000 visitors from over a hundred countries.