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A Guide to Multiplayer Adventures in Nightingale

With procedural generation bringing an infinite number of Realms to the table, players can look forward to adventures full of unique sights and sounds in Nightingale. And the fun isn’t limited to solo players either; enjoying Nightingale can be a group activity, with Inflexion implementing multiplayer support for up to six players at any given time.

For those excited to leap into the Faewilds alongside friends, let’s get into how you can get the most out of the upcoming open-world survival crafting world together.

Party time

By default, all players venturing into Realms in Nightingale will have complete privacy, with no other players able to join in. For co-op play, each party can contain up to six players, with no PvP or friendly fire to worry about at launch.

After completing the opening tutorial segments in the Byway Realms, players can start sending or receiving party invites, with in-game voice chat aiding in communications. Level scaling will not be in effect, so players can team up with more veteran Realmwalkers as long as they can keep up with more challenging encounters.

The fun of sharing

Once in a party, players can choose to enjoy the mechanics of Nightingale with a multiplayer slant. Those with dreams of living and thriving together can do so by placing an Estate Cairn in the same Realm. This marks it as your home, or Respite Realm. Players can only have one active Respite Realm at a time.

By sharing the Estate, players will be able to return to the same Realm without others needing to be online at the same time.

While players head out to the Faewilds to bring back loot, being in a party makes sharing a lot easier. All loot chests rewarded for completing encounters are instanced—everyone gets one—and for items found by individual players, simply drop them for other party members to pick up.

Quests, on the other hand, will be tracked on a per-player basis. Some quests need the player to progress far enough to unlock them. The best way to progress is to do so together, with friends to help carry the load.

For example, eliminating an Apex creature as a group will see everyone obtain the same completion rewards, with no one left behind. It might be less daunting to do this as a group compared with a solo attempt, too.

Welcoming strangers

To cater to the more adventurous Nightingale players, setting a Realm to public will allow players to see other players seeking out multiplayer realms in the same world. While some might be keen on the fun of team work, there’s always the chance of encountering others who are looking for something to destroy.

The option to open a Realm to the public will be available after players have established their starting Realm, also known as the Abeyance. You’ll find the option to make a realm public at the Realm Card portal machine.

We’re counting down to Nightingale‘s Steam Early Access on February 22.

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