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Chimeraland is an open-world survival game with strong RPG elements set in a prehistoric, mythical world.

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You need to gather resources, craft items, grow crops, and research technologies. Start from building a survival shelter to constructing a massive base in outer space!

You will find hundreds of bizarre mythical beasts while exploring this seamless world. Do you want a new pet? Catch and tame them!

Or maybe you want to have a pair of wings on your horse? Let your pets devour them, and see what kind of Chimera you can create! The possibility is endless!

You can be a close-quarter fighter when wielding blades, a cunning gunslinger with X-bows, or both! You can be a Werewolf, a Dragonborn, or a Jellyfish girl! Choose your own way, and create your own style!

The only limit to what you can be in Chimeraland is your imagination!

And there are thousands of other creative travelers, with their unique tastes and styles, living and thriving together…

Official Websites:

– Global

– Japan

– Korea

– South East Asia

– Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan


Global/Japan/Korea: App StoreGoogle Play

South East Asia: App StoreGoogle Play

Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan: App StoreGoogle Play

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