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Frequently asked questions

Looking for some answers? Here's some of our more frequently asked questions.

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You can contact us at

Each game has a customer service team to assist you with your queries. Please refer to the customer service information on the game’s official website.

Level Infinite’s website does not offer any products for sale directly to players. For all purchases, please refer to the download channels of each game page.


The LEVEL INFINITE PASS is an account system that allows global gamers to unify their Level Infinite games’ accounts securely under one integrated account. Through it, we will simplify gamers’ login experience and provide an even greater level of security and better user support.

Take your career to the next level

Meet like-minded people with a shared passion for games and learn from industry veterans to gain an all-around understanding of video game operations, marketing, and publishing as well as tips on career development and building competent skill sets.

Embark on a journey to discover a new level of infinite possibilities and join us in Singapore, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey, and more across 5 continents.

Media Kit

Access our comprehensive media resources. Find logos, press releases, and high-resolution images to help you showcase the exciting world of Level Infinite.

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