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Moonlight Blade Mobile

Moonlight Blade Mobile is an MMORPG mobile game set in the Gulong universe developed by the same team who developed the PC version.

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The game is based on the story of Gong Ziyu and the “black hands” who are brewing a conspiracy to subvert the world. Players can play as Yihua, Tianxiang, Taibai, Tangmen, Beggars, or Shenwei to eradicate these black forces and maintain peace in the world.

In this game featuring expansive landscapes, gamers can play to restore the prosperity of the country during the time of the Northern Song Dynasty. Moonlight Blade Mobile features prominent, cinematic art and graphics, classic elements from the PC game, innovative gameplay, and the ultimate character customizing system.

The game has a rich social system. In the game, players can apprentice or accept apprentices, participate in group missions with other gamers, and join alliances and leagues to experience battles between different camps.

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