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5 Vital Tips to Get Started in SYNCED

Taking those first steps into the Meridian to face the deadly Nanos can be daunting, but luckily, SYNCED provides all the tools needed for players to succeed. Here’s how best to optimize and put the Runners through their paces.

Know Thy Runner

The Runners of SYNCED have unique abilities grouped around the familiar archetypes of damage dealer, healer, and support. For new players and those sticking with solo activities, Deadcut and Dr. Stone are solid picks for dealing with crowd control and offering healing boosts respectively.  

As for squad play, it’s always a good idea to build a balanced team. Having a dedicated party healer and damage dealer can come in clutch when facing down some of the tyrants and elite foes in the Meridian, so be sure to find a Runner that rounds out the squad.

Get to Know Haven and its Residents

The home base of Haven in SYNCED offers downtime after missions, and is also a vital space to amp up Runners, get to know key characters like Carroway, unlock new gear, engage in VR training, and collect rewards. Remember to take the time to make the rounds with folks to catch up and earn some well-earned rewards and bonuses.

Find the Right Nano Companion

While every Runner can make solid use of each of the four companion types, ensuring a companion is best paired with a Runner that complements its style is essential for the tougher missions.

Deadcut’s impressive crowd control skills are best paired with the Crusher companion, who can tear through crowds of enemies with a more focused aggression. Also, Glory is best fighting at a distance, making the ranged Seer companion a good pick.

Load Up on Mods in SYNCED

A critical power source for each mission is the mod cache. Choosing from the cache’s randomized buffs provides welcome boosts to both Runner and Companion. Take a moment to consider which mods best synergize with the team, as the right pick can become the foundation of an epic loadout on the battlefield. 

Explore Meridian 

SYNCED offers a range of Dead Sectors (PvE) and Nerva Run (PvP) activities to jump into, and it’s beneficial to try more challenging missions. Activities are often set on a large open map, which offers plenty of opportunities to explore, powerful new gear to loot, and Memory Fragments that reveal more details about the story to find. Even mission failure still earns experience, so exploring and engaging in different activities is a great way to build vital power.

SYNCED is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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