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60-Player Mayhem Hits the Track in Stampede: Racing Royale

Fresh out of the ovens by the folks over at Sumo Leamington and Secret Mode Games comes a new game that blends the best of high-speed kart racing and cut-throat eliminations. As revealed at the PC Gaming Show, Stampede: Racing Royale is a 60-player racing game that is full of intense racing, dramatic finales, and plenty of opportunities to mess up the competition in all sorts of ways.

Stampede: Racing Royale combines the fun of fast-paced kart racing, the thrill of chaotic battle royale action, and the joy of ever-evolving social gameplay. Prepare to burn rubber and go bumper to bumper in massive, free-to-play, 60-player events. Race, drift, boost, and battle for the win in incredible multi-round action, all leading to a dramatic finale, where only one champion can be crowned,” said Chris Groves, Senior Community Manager at Sumo Leamington.

Beyond just showcasing the racing prowess of the players, strategic power-ups that can be obtained throughout the races can be used to tilt the balance of the competition. Think speed boosts, explosives, shields and the like, and that is the general, chaotic idea of Stampede: Racing Royale. However, that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg of the racing action.

Instead of determining the victor after just one exhilarating race, this is a marathon of rivalry. The pool of 60 racers will be narrowed down to the final 20 after two rounds, with the champion emerging after one final round of fierce battle and racing. Players can also expect more varied modes and event types to come in the future.

While winning is often the aim, looking good is also part of the fun when it comes to Stampede: Racing Royale. Both the driver and the car can be customized in many different ways, allowing players to show off their style as they progress through the game. More kart types will come into play as well, bringing varied pros and cons to the track as the drivers compete even harder for the crown.

“The more you compete in Stampede, the more items you’ll unlock and earn – from unique threads and styles for your character, to new options and perks for your kart. Win XP, complete challenges, and progress through Seasons to create looks that make you stand out from the herd,” added Groves.

While many are eager to join the herd, there is no release date set yet for Stampede: Racing Royale; however, playtests will be taking place in the summer. Interested players can head over to the official website to find out more.

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