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Breaking down the Starting Runners of SYNCED

One of the toughest choices to make in SYNCED is deciding which Runner to invest time in. Here’s a quick rundown of the first four Runners and who players looking for a certain playstyle will want to stick with.


The first Runner available in SYNCED is Deadcut, a serious force on the battlefield. With his skillset aimed at dealing with crowds of Nanos and spreading fire damage, Deadcut is a solid pick for players (solo or in a group) looking to punch through enemy swarms. Deadcut is at his best when jumping into tight spaces to wipe out lesser Nanos and dealing quick and heavy damage to elites with his special runner skill.

Runner Skill

  • Fire Grenade – A grenade that will split and bounce, producing a lasting burn area.


  • Dragon’s Breath – The last bullet in the magazine deals fire affliction.
  • Hot Wheel – When on fire, movement speed is increased, and the last bullet in the chamber deals fire affliction.


Glory is the sharpshooter and her skills reflect her choice for precision combat. Unlike Deadcut, Glory is at her best when staying at a distance and laying down fire from a distance, all while keeping enemies and allies in clear view. Her Smoke Bomb skill makes for a great option to keep foes in a tight zone, letting her and the squad unload on them while they’re fazed.

Runner Skill: 

  • Smoke Bomb – A bomb that releases poison gas and blinds enemy runners.


  • Sight Lines – Highlight rival runners through sniper rifle scopes and see through smoke.
  • The Tracker – Increases Nano weak point damage. Shooting Runners will tag them.

Dr. Stone

As the resident healer in SYNCED, Dr. Stone is one of the most valuable Runners on missions. His advanced healing abilities focus on keeping himself and his team in the fight for as long as possible. Along with having the fastest revives of any Runner, his Healer’s Aura skill allows him to drop a node to keep a steady flow of health going in a radius. When playing solo or in a team, Dr. Stone can be a solid pick for those looking to survive for the long haul.

Runner Skill: 

  • Healer’s Aura – Heal and automatically revive teammates inside a healing radius.


  • Combat Medic – Use medkits and revive teammates faster.
  • Medical Marvel – Recover more health when using medkits and reviving teammates.


Ragna is an aggressive and keen-eyed Runner focused on survivability and finding new threats in SYNCED. She can quickly locate enemies (PvE and PvP), and when she’s in a fight, she can recover health when taking out opposing Runners or elite Nanos. Ragna is a fantastic choice for players wanting a Runner that can easily jump in and out of intense fights while staying alive.

Runner Skill: 

  • Radiant Eye – Nearby teammates can detect enemies. Leech health from stunned nanos.


  • Death Defier – Recover health when killing prime nanos or rival runners.
  • Sick Sense – Detect Rival Runners at close-range.

SYNCED is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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