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Demystifying careers in games: Highlights from Tencent Singapore Games Open Day 2024

Tencent recently hosted this year’s Tencent Singapore Games Open Day 2024, where we got the chance to organize the event’s keynote panel—Behind the Screens: Exploring Career Pathways in the Gaming Industry.

Speaking to a full house of over 150 students, educators, and partners, we invited leaders and experts in the gaming industry to share more about their top tips for kickstarting a career in games.

1. It takes a village

Joining us on the panel were Michael Thompson from DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore , Don Baey from TrueWorld Studios Pte Ltd , and Charles Yuchen Zhang and Victoria Ho from Level InfiniteTencent Games.

The panelists shared their unique experiences which helped highlight how varied the job opportunities are in the gaming industry, from storytelling, marketing, and community management, to data analysis, business development, and finance.

We found an interesting parallel between the games and the movie industry, where most of us tend to think only of actors when a movie is made. However, much like how actors are only the tip of the iceberg in any production, the making of a game is more than just coding.

“There are many supporting roles that bridge the gap between (game) production and the final publishing.”

Victoria Ho

2. Singapore’s prime position

Singapore’s unique position as a cultural melting pot also offers great opportunities for established publishers and independent studios alike. This has allowed the local gaming ecosystem, which includes government organizations, games studios and publishers, and academic institutes, to proactively and consistently provide opportunities for local talents to enter and elevate the gaming industry.

“Singapore, as a very global ecosystem and a hub between the East and West, attracts international companies.”

Michael Thompson

3. Keep learning and growing

Building on the earlier discussion on the diversity of roles in the games industry, the panelists also encouraged students to follow their passions. Some practical advice included building a strong portfolio.

Don’t just be a consumer. Be a creator.

Don Baey 

The panel further emphasized the importance of adopting a lifelong learning mindset and focusing on transferable skills. For example, Charles, a data scientist, explained that his skills in analyzing data and making data-driven decisions will always be transferable in any industry, even gaming.

(You) don’t need to be a hardcore gamer, just (have) a strong technical background in a specific area.

Charles Zhang

4. Make some friends

With rapid changes in emerging fields like VR and AI, panelists also urged students to remain curious, adaptable, and open-minded, so they can ready themselves to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

A final word of advice was to connect with others in the industry. Networking and a proactive approach go a long way. Events like this one are a great place to start!

Are you looking to kick off your career in the games industry? Explore new possibilities with a career in gaming and grow with the latest technologies at Tencent. Let’s connect and grow in this exciting industry together! 

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Big thanks to our co-host DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore , and the support from Infocomm Media Development Authority ( IMDA ) and Singapore Games Association (SGGA) for making this event a success!

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