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Dream of the Beast DLC Descends Upon Metal: Hellsinger This March

Cristina Scabbia and Will Ramos take to the stage to perform new songs

Developers The Outsiders and publisher Funcom are not resting on their laurels when it comes to Metal: Hellsinger, the multi-award-winning and critically acclaimed rhythm first-person shooter. Fresh content is on its way, with the first DLC of the game, Dream of the Beast, set for a Mar. 29 launch.

More Songs for Murder

Dream of the Beast will feature two new songs performed by Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil and Will Ramos from Lorna Shore, with the tunes composed by Two Feathers. In addition, there is a new addition in the arsenal with The Red Right Hand, a new machine gun forged and fused from parts of heaven and hell. Dispatch demons in short powerful bursts that vary in length, and let the hate flow.

Dream of the Beast DLC Descends Upon Metal Hellsinger This March

The DLC also delivers three new sizzling outfits that come with unique gameplay modifiers, including successful quick reloads that increase the weapon’s max ammo. Equipping any of the three outfits will replace the default passive effect for the Unknown, ensuring that players work harder to build their fury and allow players to experience Metal: Hellsinger with a completely different beat and playstyle.

Dream of the Beast outfits

Beyond the paid DLC content that comes with Dream of the Beast, The Outsiders will drop the new Song Selector Feature on the same day. Players will be free to choose whichever song to rock to before each level, allowing previously familiar haunts to take on new life.

Dream of the Beast will launch for Metal: Hellsinger this March 29.

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