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Dune: Spice Wars Launches Officially on Steam Early Access

Conquer the desert planet in the first Dune game in two decades

Dune: Spice Wars, the real-time strategy 4X game set in Frank Herbert’s legendary sci-fi universe, is now available on Steam Early Access. Publisher Funcom and developer Shiro Games are inviting players to the unforgiving planet of Arrakis, where the battle for possession of each drop of water and load of spice will unfold.

Only through political maneuvering, military dominance, sabotage, and wise resource allocation can players hope to conquer Arrakis. The spice must flow, and the dangers come not just from the likes of the honorable Atreides, brutal Harkonnen, opportunistic Smugglers, or survivalist Fremen, but also from the planet itself.

“We’re all very proud of the current state of the game as we enter Early Access. It’s the beginning of a journey, and the game is only going to keep expanding from here, with the help of valuable player feedback,” said Shiro games CEO Sebastien Vidal.

Launching into Early Access with four playable factions, Dune: Spice Wars will continue to grow before the full launch, with multiplayer, more factions, and a campaign most likely to be at the top of this list.

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