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Endless Possibilities Await in Fashion Dream, Now Available on iOS & Android

Fashion Dream, the glamorous fashion adventure from Level Infinite, is now available for players around the world on both iOS and Android devices. 

In a world where Fashion, Fantasy, and Friends come together, everyone is invited to this makeover journey, where players’ fashion dreams will collide.

Fashion Dream features over 10,000 clothing options to choose from. Players can craft their unique looks as an ethereal fairy, elegant royal, or even west town policewoman. In various runway contests, players can compete against other players to become the leading light in the fashion industry. With all the fashion choices, the game’s file size is only 200M, making it easy to access and compatible with almost all kinds of mobile phones. 

Together with friends, players can explore the beautiful resort to enjoy fishing, minigames, and taking a photo to commemorate the gathering. There are also many other characters to meet and mysterious stories to uncover, including budding romances that await the curious.

With the release, Fashion Dream will commence its global launch events celebrating a week of glorious fashion! The first season of Dress Up Arena will open its doors, where players can compete and flaunt their style, attempting to become the most voguish queen of the fashion world. Fashion Tournaments are also available for players to strut their stuff and show off their superb matching skills. Every player who joins the new server event will also stand a chance of winning a total of 100 free draws, and inviting friends to join in the fun will see players rewarded with US$10 worth of costumes and currency.

For players in search of an unbelievable makeover journey to stardom, Fashion Dream paves the way with easy access beyond the wildest imagination for anyone looking to realize their fashion visions. For more information, be sure to follow the official Fashion Dream website, or on the relevant social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

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