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Energetic Explorer Gnonno Joins Tower of Fantasy as Latest Simulacrum

Hotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy is no stranger to interesting Simulacrums, and now is the time for Gnonno, wielder of the giant electric saw, Mini Hurricane, and the master of the tentacle beast, Pip, to join in the battle.

Gnonno Skills in Tower of Fantasy

As a Simulacrum focused on physical DPS, Gnonno is well-suited to be on the frontlines dealing significant damage to opponents, particularly with the Boiling Octopus Balls branch attack, which boasts excellent damage, shatter, and control. During the move, Gnonno’s hyperbody is activated, while players can move her around freely to focus damage on the right foes.

Her weapon skill, Exploration Team Strike, works in conjunction with Pip, who can unleash Octowhip attacks and grant Gnonno Minisquids buffs. During combat, Gnonno instantly receives 15 Octowhips from Pip, with each coordinated attack with the beast consuming one Octowhip. Every hit that connects also inflicts one mark on the target up to three times, which can then be detonated for additional damage using other attacks while Pip rampages for 12 seconds and buffs Gnonno’s attack speed by 100%.

Utilizing Gnonno’s Pip Ultimate discharge skill will increase her capacity of Octowhips to a maximum of 30, while players can replenish the Octowhip reserves using other weapon discharge skills. Should the Simulacrum be charged while using Pip Ultimate, it will grant her Minisquids, which will grant additional damage.

Gnonno Key Star Effects in Tower of Fantasy

At One Star, for eight seconds, Gnonno’s branch skills like Frantic Digging, Boiling Octopus Balls, and Go on, Pip! will increase their shatter by 80%, while also bestowing a 50% increase to shield when the levels drop below 50%. Progressing to Three Stars will increase the Octowhip limit to 45, and using Pip Ultimate grants a bonus of 12% increased physical damage for 30 seconds.

And at Five Stars, detonating marks on targets will refresh their grievous status, amplifying damage dealt to them. Any target whose health is below 80% will also see Gnonno deal more damage to them.

Gnonno Combat Tips

As a versatile Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy, Gnonno works well with plenty of team compositions. For players seeking a physical team, use Gnonno with Fiona, with the last slot filled by Umi, Claudia, or Lyra. With Gnonno and Umi as the main damage dealers, Fiona can provide the necessary support from the off-hand slot.

Another possible combination will team Gnonno up with Fiona and Lin, where using two weapons of the same element will achieve a damage boost. Gnonno will once again be the main damage dealer, while Fiona and Lin provide their respective buffs in the off-hand slots.

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