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EP. 8 – Nightingale – Building a Shared Procedural World in a Magical Victorian Era

Nightingale isn’t due out until next year, but it’s already captivating people who’ve seen it in action. And no wonder. We chat with Inflexion Games, the group of former BioWare developers who set out to create this Gaslamp Fairy Tale that’s as wondrous as it is dangerous. They explain their inspirations, the horrors of their open world, and how survival, crafting, and PvE are the engines that drive it.

In Nightingale, players are scattered between magic realms full of fantastical creatures and dangers. Learn how to craft, survive and traverse through the portals to go home. In this procedurally generated game, there will always be something new to discover. Come together in this shared-world experience, find a community of Realmwalkers, share your build, and discover the amazing visuals.

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