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Everything You Need To Know About Progression in SYNCED

SYNCED isn’t an average shooter. Combining elements of roguelites, competitive multiplayer and loot-driven RPGs, underneath its shiny sci-fi spectacle lies a myriad of fun, engrossing mechanics. 

This delightful depth makes NExT StudiosSYNCED such a blast to play – and with this handy guide, it will be easier to get through The Meridian’s Dark Sectors in one piece.

Basic Training

Take control of one of five Runners and embark on thrilling missions in The Meridian, slowly raising their power levels with increasingly epic gear. The question is, how does upgrading the Runners work?

Mod(ern) Love

The first way to improve any chosen Runner in SYNCED is to equip them with many ability-enhancing Runner mods. Defeating enemy Nanos will be the most reliable method of obtaining these gameplay-altering abilities. 

With four PVE runner mod slots available, mixing and matching these mods is where the real fun begins, each synergizing to dramatically enhance abilities and switch up the gameplay.  From melee-enhancing mods to abilities that damage opponents with every weapon reload, cleverly combining Runner mods is critical to surviving The Meridian’s Dead Sectors. 

Tech Care of Your Guns

Gun tech modules are the other most notable upgrade in SYNCED. As a roguelite, players earn permanent and temporary gun tech mods during missions. Temporary mods are easy to buy mid-round using Radia, the in-game currency dropped by enemy Nanos. However, these temporary gun tech modules will be gone once the mission ends.

As for permanent runner mods, players can spend Radia to upgrade them, raising their stats and contributing to the overall power level. Locked to a single weapon, these upgradeable attributes help bring out a specific weapon-enhancing attribute, allowing players to hunt for the perfect combination of gun and gun tech.

The Final Fun-tier

Last but not least is the endgame progression in SYNCED. Once players have battled their way across the Dead Sectors, Armband Codexes is the biggest prize to aim for. These power-enhancing trinkets function like a classic accessory in RPGs, allowing players to boost a specific ability for a chosen Runner. 

Each contains a single ability – from improving damage with light machine guns to increasing overall speed – and raises the Runner’s overall power level.

Players across the globe can now pre-register for the futuristic cooperative and free-to-play shooter, SYNCED, ahead of its full release on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later this summer.

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