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Excitement Awaits at Summer Game Fest 2023 With Level Infinite

Showcasing the latest and greatest from partner studios

With 2023 well underway, the time for more gaming goodness has arrived. Level Infinite will once again be part of the fun over at Summer Game Fest 2023 this June, with plenty of opportunities for press and industry professionals to check out the next slate of exciting titles under the brand’s umbrella.

Level Infinite will have a significant presence at Play Days, the companion event of Summer Game Fest, showcasing the newest and latest projects in the pipeline and providing opportunities to get into the action firsthand, covering several genres, including shooters, survival RPGs, racing, action-adventure, and even MMOs.

More will be revealed in the coming weeks, so be sure to keep a close eye on the festivities at Summer Game Fest 2023 and get pumped for more engaging games coming out of Level Infinite for the year and beyond.

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