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Expand Your Arsenal With DayZ Update 1.18

An explosive new update arrives for players on all platforms

Bohemia Interactive’s popular zombie survival game, DayZ,has received its latest 1.18 update, which focuses on explosives and expands the game’s ever-growing arsenal of weapons.

With update 1.18, base raiders can now use the Grenade Launcher M79 to break the spirits and bases of unfriendly survivors. The M79 offers the big bang, with three types of 40mm ammunition available. Players will be able to find smoke grenades, explosive grenades, and rare P-OX grenades that contain deadly gas to aid in their battles.

New plastic explosives and craftable improvised explosives can now utilize timers perfect for ambushes, and can be remotely detonated with specialized equipment. Claymore mines will offer another option for defence, and when the dust has settled, celebrate victory with the newly added fireworks.

DayZ has also expanded the map’s variety by adding dynamic train wrecks in update 1.18. They come in three tiers – ranging from civilian to military trains – and offer some of the best loot available, including the M79. Be careful though, as the former passengers may appear to cause trouble if too much noise is made.

Players can now also surprise others with concealed weapons like The Derringer. This weapon is small enough to fit into a teddy bear, and the double-barrel .357 offers enough damage to deal a fatal blow.

For those who like to combine different loadouts, the Blaze and Revolver now offer craftable sawed-off variants, which reduce the weapon’s weight and the number of slots needed in the inventory, making them perfect secondary weapons during heated combat when reloading is simply not an option.

Topping everything off, server owners are better able to customize their servers now (consoles included) thanks to a bunch of new tools and options.

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