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Explore Infinite Faewild Worlds With Nightingale Realm Cards System

Limitless potential awaits players seeking adventures within the procedurally generated creations

Inflexion Games, the studio behind Nightingale, recently unveiled its latest trailer for the shared-world survival crafting game at Summer Game Fest, with a new focus on Realm Cards, Automaton adversaries, and the unique gameplay mechanics that transform players into Realmwalker in Nightingale’s immersive gaslamp fantasy universe.

Realm Cards

Realm Cards offer players an innovative path to influence their experience as they navigate the mystical portal network in Nightingale. By wielding the magick-infused Realm Cards wisely, intrepid Realmwalkers have the power to determine the specific attributes of each new Faewild world they conjure.

Different Realm Cards can be crafted from resources gathered in the game, imbuing them with unique attributes that affect environment type, weather patterns, resources, challenges and much more. These attributes will be used in conjunction with Nightingale’s procedural generation system to build realms that expand upon the depth and variety of exploration, discovery, and adventure.

Mastery of the Realm Card system will require plenty of discovery and experimentation, especially as Cards will behave differently in various configurations, generating an aggregate effect.

Crafting, Building, & Fisticuffs

In addition to highlighting the Realm Cards, the Summer Game Fest trailer also touched more upon the key survival tenets that players will have to come to terms with. Survival in an unknown world will require players to keep their wits about them, and being proficient in crafting can make that task much easier.

Building out a safe space for an estate will also ensure that players have a sanctuary to come home to, and combine that with more utilities that are at their disposal, it can help level the playing field when going up against the dangerous Automaton Fae adversaries that pop up from time to time.

Nightingale is due to launch on PC in Early Access later this year and can be wishlisted on Steam and Epic Games Store. Closed beta testing will also begin in the coming months.

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