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Explore The Depths of Tharis Island The Cycle: Frontier Season 2, Available Now

With the conclusion of the Cataclysm in-game event that marked the end of the first season, YAGER‘s The Cycle: Frontier is now fully in gear for Season 2, with players free to explore The Depths of Tharis Island. Prospectors can head back to Fortuna III to fight for rare materials, powerful weapons and the ultimate bragging rights once more.

As with every season, Season 2 will begin afresh for both new and returning players as YAGER drops new campaign missions, gear perks, a new Fortuna Pass and, of course, Tharis Island, a mysterious locale that hosts a vast, unexplored, labyrinthian cave system.

By playing through the campaign, Prospectors will eventually unlock Tharsis Island, where hazards and missions are unlike anything seen just yet. Unlike the game’s previous maps, Tharis Island is more focused on interior spaces, drawing players into more dangerous encounters with challenges that players must figure out on their own.

Season 2 of The Cycle: Frontier will also see the all-new Fortuna Pass for players to chase, with 100 levels of highly desirable rewards to unlock, including cosmetic items, Aurum, Salvage tokens and other goodies. The free track of the Fortuna Pass mostly offers gameplay rewards like weapons and gear, while the premium track includes new Prospector and weapon skins, emotes, weapon charms, XP boosters and enough Aurum to purchase next season’s Fortuna Pass if completed.

Season 2 also introduces a variety of general game, balance and anti-cheat improvements for The Cycle: Frontier. These quality-of-life upgrades will continue to roll out throughout the season and beyond.

Join the members of the YAGER team as they celebrate the launch of Season 2 at 1:00 PM ET/ 10:00 AM PT on September 29 on Twitch. Adam Cleaver, along with several other guests from the dev team, will discuss what’s new in Season 2, explore some of the mysteries on Tharis Island (including the new gear perk system) and give insights on the future of The Cycle: Frontier beyond Season 2.

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