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Face Off Against the Howler in The Cycle: Frontier Season 3

Prospectors will take on Fortuna III’s first flying enemy soon

Content has been edited for clarity from original source.

With YAGER‘s The Cycle: Frontier heading into Season 3 on Mar. 29 on both Steam and Epic Game Store, players can look forward to a refreshed experience with new features like the Free Loadout Runs, and of course, new threats. One of those new obstacles standing in the way of would-be Prospectors is the first flying enemy to land on Fortuna III in The Cycle: Frontier, the PvE monster that is the Howler.

This massive winged beast will make the planet that much more dangerous and hostile as Prospectors battle for survival. Check out the Howler in action by watching the new developer update video for The Cycle: Frontier Season 3:

The flapping wings and chilling screams of the Howler can be heard from a safe distance, but Prospectors are never truly safe from this terror of the sky. If they aren’t careful, a Prospector can attract the Howler’s attention and be forced to face off with a massive airborne challenge. Only one Howler can be active on the map at a time, but even the most vigilant Prospectors can become its unwitting prey in The Cycle: Frontier.

Other creatures may roam a little and pursue players as they see fit, but they’ll generally stay around their designated spawn points. The Howler is not restrained by such mundanities. It goes as a free mind will, travelling around the map as it sees fit, only stopping to make itself a comfy nest or rain misery on various Prospectors.

With this new enemy out in the wild, it is still up to players to decide if they want to engage. While the Howler will usually just move around the skies of Bright Sands and Crescent Falls in The Cycle: Frontier minding its own business, it is always ready to defend its nests. Keeping a low profile and waiting for the right moment to move will be the safest option, and keep still if its scream is heard to avoid being echolocated.

Boasting an array of damaging attacks, here’s what players can look out for when facing the Howler in The Cycle: Frontier Season 3:

  • It moves around the skies in evasive maneuvers, throwing a barrage of projectiles at its opponents.
  • Should Prospectors get close and personal, it won’t hesitate to swipe, lash, sting, and tear.
  • It scatters special, explosive projectiles onto the ground, effectively acting as proximity mines. Don’t get too close.
  • It lets out a deafening scream, disorienting every Prospector in the vicinity. This will directly affect visuals.
  • Once it has taken enough punishment, it will enrage and become stronger and even meaner than before. At this point, things get more dangerous.

The Howler is not as tough as a Crusher, but its flight capabilities will make it an interesting challenge. Even when facing off against this impressive new foe, be sure to keep eyes out for other threats on the ground.

If a team can defeat the winged creature, they will be rewarded with valuable items like Howler Darts, Howler Honey, and, if they are super lucky, Howler Syrinx. Alternatively, Prospectors can pursue the Howler in The Cycle: Frontier and pick up the spoils that it drops, or even infiltrate its nest to grab its hoard; just be careful to avoid upsetting the eggs. There will also be faction campaigns and missions that will require the downing of the creature, so expect great rewards as well.

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