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Fatshark Drops New Vermintide 2 Necromancer Career

The world of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is getting much more otherworldly, as developers Fatshark has unleashed the highly anticipated fourth career for Sienna, the Necromancer. Available on Steam as well as the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, players can embark on a new adventure starting immediately.

Since the fight with her twin sister Sofia, Sienna has emerged with new dark magics that allow her to raise the dead. The Necromancer features two new weapons — the Soulstealer Staff and the Ensorcelled Reaper — as well as the ability to command her own army of skeletons to aid her in battle in Vermintide 2.

The Ensorcelled Reaper is a threatening two-handed weapon with fantastic cleave and powerful impact. Its special attack causes Sienna to slam the weapon into the ground, releasing a blast of energy around her. This weapon is useable in all of Sienna’s careers.

As for the Soulstealer Staff, it is a vile conduit of Necromantic magic. The primary attack fires a cursed bolt that bounces between enemies, staggering and applying a damage-over-time effect. The secondary attack earns the staff its namesake, by letting you target an enemy and ripping at its soul, dealing massive damage. This weapon is only useable by Sienna’s Necromancer career.

Sienna can also use the Raise Dead career skill to enlist the departed to do her bidding, with a company of six Skeleton Warriors fighting by her side. Utilizing the Icon of Death, any Necromancer can command their undead army to attack, defend, or even sacrifice themselves for Sienna’s benefit in Vermintide 2.

Players eager to step into the undead shoes of Sienna can purchase the new career as a standalone DLC, or as part of a bundle that comes with additional upgrades containing character skins, hats, and other cosmetics.

The release of this new career continues the sustained support from Fatshark for the game. Since 2018, Vermintide 2 has released five additional adventure map campaigns, two game mode expansions, and currently five DLC careers, with more content to come in the future following the Necromancer career.

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