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Five Key Tips for Starting Undawn

Surviving an apocalypse is intimidating at the best of times. Here are five bits of advice to get any survivor off to a sure-footed start in Level Infinite and LightSpeed StudiosUndawn.

Stay on the Level

Character level and Homestead level are intertwined. XP levels up a Character, but as certain level thresholds are reached, no more XP can be earned. This means it’s time to level up the Homestead. 

Upgrading the Homestead increases the level cap, as well as granting access to new sets of furniture and other things to build. Alternating focus provides the smoothest levelling experience: a few missions to increase Character level, then level up the Homestead by decorating and crafting relevant upgrade materials in Undawn

Quick Tips

The diamond-shaped button next to the minimap is the All Functions menu. It contains many useful shortcuts. Clicking on Homesteads, then on Go, provides instant fast travel. Homesteads can also be upgraded remotely from the All Functions menu, which saves a long walk. Over time, shortcuts like this will save valuable time. 

An Army Marches on Its Stomach

Eating food and drinking water are important to stay healthy, and provide gameplay bonuses. When fully hydrated, character energy consumption is reduced, so refill bottles at freshwater sources like rivers.

Eating well keeps hunger at bay in Undawn, allowing characters to exert themselves further before tiring. More complicated meals provide additional buffs, like increasing max HP. Experiment when cooking to unlock these buffs and, once learned, prepare meals that provide useful buffs for the next mission. 

Use the Interface

Get familiar with how Undawn presents the key information. At the lower right of the crosshair is a small meter that displays the remaining ammo in the current weapon’s clip, which is always helpful information. 

Meanwhile, items in the Backpack sometimes have a padlock symbol in the top left corner. This simply means they were received as mission rewards and cannot be traded with other players. They can be used in crafting like any other item or deconstructed into recycled material.

Slot Right In

Enhancing gear is more about enhancing the slot itself in Undawn, rather than a specific item. Enhancing the primary weapon slot to level 10 means that any weapon equipped in that slot will operate at level 10. The same goes for the various armor slots. 

Different weapons and armor have their own base stats, meaning some will be intrinsically better, but they’ll all have been enhanced to the same degree.

The free-to-play open-world survival RPG is now available on iOS and Android devices, with a companion PC version available on Steam and the official website.

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