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Game publishers bridging East and West: Panel discussion at Pocket Gamer Connects 2024

“It’s about identifying what really resonates with people in their local communities, and being very much tailor-made,” said Yongyi-Zhu, Level Infinite VP and head of business operations and strategy.

Zhu was speaking on a panel discussion at last week’s Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2024 event, held alongside GDC. The panel was moderated by Stuart Dinsey, chairman of Curve Games, and also featured Qi Lu, CEO and founder of Supernova Games.

Stuart Dinsey, Yong-yi Zhu, and Qi Lu on stage

The three discussed the role of global publishers in bridging Asia and the West when it comes to marketing games.

According to Zhu, Level Infinite has found success in testing and listening to local gaming communities rigorously. “I think the key is being very data-driven in the decision-making.

“We understand that our player base have a lot to say, and that the future is developing games with our players,” he said, adding that publishers have a role in translating what local communities want back to developers, and constantly testing and iterating.

“Seeing what resonates with the player base, that’s how you generate success,” he said.

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