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Grand Designs: Constructing the Perfect Castle in V Rising

The Secrets of Gloomrot update overhauls and expands the way castle-building works in V Rising, and provides many new options for designing the ideal vampire home. Here’s a checklist of construction tips to ensure all castles are running as efficiently as possible.

Location, Location, Location

The first step towards building the perfect castle is laying the foundation. The Castle Heart can be placed anywhere on the map, but certain areas offer various advantages. The newly updated map now clearly shows all raised plateaus possible to claim for a castle.

Initially, at least, it’s best to choose a central location in the starting area of Farbane Woods, particularly those situated in a central location. The surrounding area should be rich in basic resources like wood and stone, and can be plundered freely. However, it’s smart also to leave an avenue of shady trees leading down the ramps out into the wider world.

Shut Up Shop

Make sure to fully enclose all workstations in the castle in V Rising, which gives a healthy 25% bonus to the rate of production, greatly reducing crafting times. Using the right floor type for each workstation provides an additional 25% bonus for the quantity of materials produced. 

Bigger is Better

Keep expanding the castle whenever there are sufficient resources to do so. It’s a good idea to enlarge rooms to make way for multiple workstations of the same type; two furnaces will produce ingots twice as quickly as one, as an example. Better yet, set up specialized furnaces to keep things running effectively.

The Only Way is Up

With additional floors now possible, efficiency is the name of the game. Dedicate floors to specific types of production, with the upper floors home to less-frequented workstations like the castle throne, library and servant coffins. 

By defeating the level 60 boss Domina the Blade Dancer, players can start utilizing teleporters to make it much quicker to move through a complex castle.

Hired Help

Every castle in V Rising needs a servants’ quarter and a dungeon. Complete the Lord of the Manor quest to gain access to dominated humans using servant coffins. 

Servants can be dispatched around the map to collect resources and have unique stats, making them better suited to certain jobs, so it’s useful to recruit several different types to maximise their talents while giving them the right gear for the job.

Blood Cells

Captured humans can be imprisoned in prison cells unlocked by defeating Vincent the Frostbringer. Prisoners provide a ready supply of blood, but must be kept alive by feeding them rats, and occasionally fish to lower their misery meter. It’s crucial to fill cells with prisoners with high-quality blood from a range of different types to save time, especially in the mid-late game.

Give It A Name

Label everything. When interacting with a workstation or storage chest, edit the name to describe what it does or what it contains. The new name displays on approach, saving the need to open every chest in a room to find what’s needed.

Grow A Garden

The castle exterior in V Rising can be just as important as the inside. Plant seeds and grow gardens to provide a ready supply of materials for crafting and potions. Tombs also provide another useful source of flowers and other materials.

Make It Look Good

Secrets of Gloomrot also adds a host of additional customization choices to spruce up even the gloomiest castle. From colored lighting to curtains, garden archways and benches, there are now many more ways to tailor the castle to taste. In the end, the best castle is one a vampire wants to call home.

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