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Holiday in Haven Brings Festive Cheer To SYNCED

For players entering Haven with freshly plundered Nerva, they might have noticed that things seem a little different nowadays. Even with the end of civilization, there is still plenty of time to engage in some festive fun. Introducing the first-ever SYNCED in-game event in the form of Holiday in Haven, which is the best chance for players to grab some exclusive festive gifts that will carry over to the full release when the game launches.

Live from Dec. 22 to Jan. 6, the makeshift halls of Haven will be full of celebratory decorations and more for players to hunt down during their time in SYNCED. This includes all sorts of mysterious gift boxes that are scattered across the Meridian. Crack them open and claim the delicious Holiday Candy within, and with enough candy, players can exchange their haul for some truly outlandish SYNCED rewards during Holiday in Haven.

Once those pockets are filled to the brim with Holiday Candy, it is time to cash in for some weird and wonderful items at the Event Reward Center. Character outfits, weapon skins, and even the Nanos are all part of the event, so it will be up to players to decide how they want things to look during this season.

In addition, these unique rewards are permanent, so players can keep that festive spirit in SYNCED even when the game is fully launched. Be sure to plan out the best strategy to obtain said Holiday Candy, and get those rewards before the event ends on Jan. 6.

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