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Honor of Kings coming next month for players in North America, Europe, Japan

Honor of Kings, the world’s biggest mobile MOBA, continues its global expansion with the game available to play in North America, Europe and Japan from 20th June

Players in these regions can pre-register ahead of launch.

Sign-up is quick and easy, and the more players that pre-register the more in-game rewards unlocked at launch.

Reward milestones to unlock

Free hero Ying and skin: Unlocked for everyone that completes pre-registration

Level 1 milestone—500,000 registrations: 500 Diamonds

With Diamonds, players can purchase Special Offer items, Heroes, Skins, and Arcanas—stat-boosting items that can help turn the tide of battle.

Diamonds are earned through daily log-ins, daily events, certain in-game achievement, and Honor Pass missions.

Level 2 milestone—1,000,000 registrations: 2000 Arcana Fragments

Arcana Fragments are used to purchase or upgrade Arcana. As mentioned, these help improve Hero stats such as health, attack and defense. Upgrading Arcana improves the buffs they offer.

Level 3 milestone—2,000,000 registrations: 5000 Starstones

Starstones are a premium in-game currency, used to buy more exclusive content, including Skins and resources.

Level 4 milestone—3,000,000 registrations: 20x All Heroes Free Trial Pass

The All Heroes Free Trial Pass unlocks all available Heroes and gives players the chance to experiment with different members of the roster for free.

Lucky draw for existing players

Current players can get involved too. From 31st May, both pre-registered and existing players can enter a lucky draw to get the Sunshine Blessing Prize of 200 Diamonds for all participating players, and a chance for this bigger bounty:

Grand Prize: Full Hero with full Skin privileges

Unlocking full skin privileges gives a player access to all available cosmetic skins for a Hero. Since the skins can come with new animation, voice lines, and other effects, this can significantly enhance the playing experience.

1st Prize: 500 Limited Time Tokens

Limited Time Tokens are an in-game currency used for specific event periods, and are used to purchase heroes, skins and bundles.

2nd Prize: 18,888 Starstones

Invitational Season 2 is coming to Malaysia

Starting on 29th June, Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur will play host to the Invitational S2.

Teams from around the world will compete for their share of a US$300,000 prize pot and a place in the Honor of Kings Invitational Midseason. The Midseason event will take place during the Esports World Cup in Riyadh, ahead of the Invitational Championship at the end of 2024.

Season 2 comes hot on the heels of the Invitational Season 1 in March. S1 took place in Istanbul, Turkey and the winning team Vivo Keyd Stars took the grand prize of US$100,000.

Read our top five moments of Season 1, and check out the event recap to get up to date ahead of Season 2.

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