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Honor of Kings Parties on With New Alok Partnership

The partnership includes Alok themed in-game assets and in-game events as well

Honor of Kings, the world’s most-played mobile MOBA, is collaborating with DJ and music producer, Alok, to celebrate the game and Brazilian players. In addition to the theme song, ‘Ready Set Go (from Honor of Kings)’, players will be treated to themed in-game assets and in-game events. This is Alok’s first collaboration with a MOBA game, and players can enjoy the new song starting Apr. 7.

Honor of Kings Alok

Inspired by the elements and effects of Honor of Kings, Alok created the song to convey the energy, magic and excitement of Honor of Kings to all players, and to invite everyone to get ready for the fierce team battles. 

“I was inspired by the game itself, with its immersive atmosphere and exciting gameplay. I wanted to capture the energy and excitement of the game in the new theme song, while also incorporating my own style and creativity as a producer,” said Alok.

The song also incorporates and reproduces the classic passages from Hans Zimmer’s Main Theme for Honor of Kings, which captures the epic and grand atmosphere of the game. The composition by Hans Zimmer inspired Alok to create a new theme song for Honor of Kings, combining catchy hooks and driving beats that are sure to get players and fans pumped up and ready to go gaming. The track will also be included in Alok’s upcoming new compilation album of his label, CONTROVERSIA, and in May, a full music video featuring the producer will be released.

“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to create a new theme song for Honor of Kings and to bring my passion for electronic music and gaming to this exciting project. I hope that this new theme song will enhance the gaming experience and bring a new level of energy and excitement to your battles in the game,” added Alok. 

Complementing the theme song, Alok’s collaboration with Honor of Kings will also see themed in-game assets and in-game events for Brazilian players. The themed in-game assets will include Avatar and Avatar Frame, Finisher, Trail, Recall, Glory-Cast, and Stickers that feature Alok’s styles and signatures. There will also be in-game quick chats dubbed by Alok to enhance fans’ gaming experience.

Honor of Kings Parties on With New Alok Partnership

For the in-game themed event ‘Alok’s Grand Show’, starting on Apr. 7, players will have to complete missions to get event tokens and collect them to unlock four Alok’s stories and obtain all themed assets for free. Through the collaboration with Alok, Honor of Kings aims to show its commitment to bringing the best immersive experience to Brazilian players, and hopes this collaboration will motivate them to achieve their goals.

Brazilian players can now download the game from the iOS App StoreGoogle Play Store for Android, and Samsung Store to experience the world’s most-played mobile MOBA and team up with friends.

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