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Honor of Kings Will Launch in Brazil on March 8

Following the initial announcement of pre-registrations opening for both iOS and Android platforms for Honor of Kings in Brazil, Level Infinite and TiMI Studio Group have revealed the official launch date of the world’s most-played mobile MOBA. Honor of Kings will be officially launched in Brazil on March 8, dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese. Brazil is the first country outside China to get the international full release of Honor of Kings.

Since the start of pre-registration in February, Level Infinite and TiMi have witnessed the great passion shown by Brazilian fans towards all the official content released for Honor of Kings, which reinforces their confidence in Brazil paving the way for the game’s international expansion plans. Honor of Kings has already received over 1 million pre-registrations, and the process is still ongoing through App Store, Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Store, with more in-game rewards being unlocked as each milestone is achieved. 

Level Infinite and TiMi are fully aware of the fans’ eagerness to finally be able to play the game and have been working hard to ensure the best experience possible for the official launch of Honor of Kings.

Much work and investment have gone into ensuring a high level of localization for the Brazilian launch, as is evident from the dubbed animations released so far, including the Ying Animation video, and the Lam Animation video, which have been well received by Brazilian players. For the upcoming full release, fans will be able to enjoy dedicated Brazilian servers, fully localized in-game text, fully dubbed heroes, system broadcasts and much more presented by well-known local voice actors.

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