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Icarus Brings the Cold Stare of Death as the Newest Simulacrum for Tower of Fantasy

Hotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy is set to add a new Simulacrum to the roster, welcoming the young rebel Icarus wielding icy powers that pierce enemies with deadly precision.

The captain of the Mooke Squad controls the formidable Precious One, a yo-yo-type weapon that requires deftness and flexibility to master. He rains icy death on anyone who opposes him and is a force to be reckoned with, despite a polite demeanor.

Icarus Skills in Tower of Fantasy

Icarus uses Precious One with total mastery, enabling him to unload multi-hit combos whether on the ground or in the air. Sharp Chill sees Icarus dive toward the enemy to follow up with more combos, while his Winter Solstice attack distances himself for a safe retreat.

His Desolate Day skill unleashes two yo-yos that circle the battlefield, granting him damage reduction and recovering his HP while the skill is active, allowing him to stay in the fight for a longer period of time. While damage is his forte, Icarus also offers defensive benefits for players that choose to pull for him in Tower of Fantasy.

His staying power is further highlighted by his discharge skill, Yubing. When cast, Icarus gains 2 charges of a new skill called Return to Loneliness that varies in effect, and, depending on the active Resonance, can either grant blocking shield stacks or a highly damaging move based on the max HP of the enemies.

Icarus Key Star Effects

At 1-star, Precious One can deal extra damage anytime Icarus uses any weapon or discharge skills. When in danger, Icarus’ yo-yo damage is boosted when triggered by a weapon skill, while a higher max HP gives him higher yo-yo damage when triggered by a discharge skill. Like his weapon, Icarus’ flexibility makes him an integral member of any frost team in Tower of Fantasy that aims to conquer the toughest Abyssants.

Icarus Combat Strategy in Tower of Fantasy

Icarus can quickly deal large amounts of damage by cycling through his weapon and discharge skills to trigger his 1-star trait. When in danger, it would be wise to refill lost HP by using Desolate Day and Return to Loneliness, increasing chances of survival.

Players are encouraged to experiment with how Icarus’ Precious One synergizes with other weapons and Simulacrums like Lin and Alyss, which can result in damage numbers littering the battlefield much like his icy shards.

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