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Immortalize the Hunt in The Cycle: Frontier HOWLERBUSTERS Challenge

With YAGER‘s The Cycle: Frontier now fully into Season 3, the first community challenge has now begun, and at the heart of it is the deadly new enemy, the Howler. As Fortuna III’s first flying enemy, the community is now tasked to take down as many of the beasts as possible in the HOWLERBUSTERS community challenge in The Cycle: Frontier.

Up for grabs will be rewards in the form of unique items as well as a spot on the limited-time leaderboards, all the way until Apr. 30.

HOWLERBUSTERS Community Challenge in The Cycle: Frontier

The key details to note are:

  • Competitive Leaderboards: The first 100 players who manage to kill a Howler on Bright Sands or Crescent Falls will be featured on a global leaderboard.
  • A Deadly Challenge: Hunters must keep their weapons at the ready and their eyes peeled to survive this overwhelming danger.
  • Earn Unique Rewards: Players who kill 10 or more Howlers during the community challenge will receive a unique Howler-themed vanity item – the banner Howler Jar.
  • Immortalize Your Hunt: The top 10 hunters over the course of the community challenge will have their in-game names immortalized in Prospect Station.

Even on the lookout for the flying creature, players will do well to be wary of others in the vicinity as well. After all, The Cycle: Frontier is a dangerous place, and the hunter can easily become the hunted in certain situations. Let the hunt begin.

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