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Inflexion Takes Community Requests to Heart in Latest Nightingale Update

Following an earlier developer update and a strong showing at The Game Awards 2022, Inflexion Games is back with more updates to its open-world survival crafting game, Nightingale, satisfying many long-standing community concerns about modding, servers, and the like through Inflexion Games Community Manager Steph Herdman.

Tweaks and Fixes

With Nightingale launching in 2023, the team has been hard at work creating the best experience possible for its loyal fanbase. 

As Herdman shared, the studio feels well-prepared with the amount of content for the Early Access launch. However, feedback from the Closed Alpha Tests has allowed the studio to further refine its vision for Nightingale, in particular more development time in order to address issues and bugs found by testers. Resource gathering will be tweaked for quicker in-game feedback to combat the sluggishness reported by players as well. 

Inflexion Takes Community Requests to Heart in Latest Nightingale Update

Immersion was also a crucial element, with the team looking to add more foliage, resources, and wildlife to the Fae realms to transport players to another world. More tilesets are under consideration for the game’s blueprint system to foster more creativity.. 

Supporting the Players

Inflexion Games continues to put players first, with the reveal that Nightingale will have dedicated servers at the Early Access launch. That means players can enjoy the game without limitations and have access to streamlined support throughout.

“It’s fundamental to our studio principle of ‘fantastic spaces, meaningful places.’ We recognize that asynchronous play is not the only reason people request dedicated servers, as some community members are looking for the ability to host private servers,” said Herdman.

The access to additional server options and modding that usually comes with private servers are in Nightingale, itself, with its Realm Cards system. Difficulty or time of day can be modified as part of the game, and the studio will share more about additional modifiers soon. Both private servers and modding won’t be available at launch, but these are options that Inflexion will be looking at once everything else is more stable. 

More playtests are coming, and interested players hoping to make a difference in the development of Nightingale can sign up now via the official website.

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