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Inside the Level Infinite showcase at Summer Game Fest 2024 Play Days

The annual Summer Game Fest in Los Angeles, California, has enjoyed a steadily growing prominence in the industry. This year, Level Infinite was there again at Play Days with a wagon of upcoming game titles at its 1,600-square-foot dedicated showcase area.

Media and content creators had the chance to get a first look at many of the publisher’s awaited games, as Level Infinite revealed new gameplay and trailers for titles such as Exoborne and Dune: Awakening. Partner publisher Secret Mode, was also at the showcase zone with four new titles.

Attendees also got a rare chance to meet with developers for hands-on sessions and guided demos.

“The last two years, we had a modest four-game pod at the showcase with our partners, but this year, we just had a wealth of games from Secret Mode, Funcom, TiMi Studio Group, Sharkmob, and our friends at Grinding Gear Games,” said Tencent’s North American communications head Chris Kramer.

“The quality of the games on show is awesome, and we’re really happy with the reception we’ve received,” he said.

The games on show

Exoborne: A new trailer for the online extraction shooter debuted at Summer Game Fest, giving audiences a first look at the fast and furious action focusing on Exoborne’s roster of super scavengers.

The Play Days demo offered a first look at the unique environmental hazards and traversal methods players have in the game, along with the array of gadgets and exo-rig abilities available to customize and expand upon while exploring the ravaged landscape of a world torn apart by an ecological disaster.

Dune: Awakening: Studio Funcom marked this year’s Summer Game Fest by dropping a new cinematic trailer focusing on Dune: Awakening‘s main story, set in an alternate universe where Paul Atreides never existed.

Play Days attendees also got an in-depth walkthrough of the open-world survival RPG. Dune: Awakening will be the first open-world experience for Frank Herbert’s Dune universe, allowing players to explore and survive on the deadly planet of Arrakis.

Honor of Kings: The world’s most popular mobile MOBA game is preparing for its big global expansion later this month in North America, Europe, and Japan, greatly expanding the number of players who can join the online battles of Honor of Kings.

Honor of Kings at the Level Infinite showcase zone

At Play Days, the game’s latest build was available for attendees to try out, offering an early look at the launch version of Honor of Kings‘s expansive MOBA experience.

Aloft: This cozy survival action game from Funcom is about exploring the skies and finding a home on the many scattered floating islands. As you amass resources and build better equipment, players can soar to the further reaches of the sky and uncover hidden secrets that reveal the forgotten history of the world above and below.

DeathSprint 66: This fast-paced run and brawler blends high-octane racing with intense hand-to-hand combat. Set in a future, dystopian Earth where a brutal bloodsport has the world’s masses hooked, you play as a genetically engineered racer whose sole goal is surviving the fierce tracks and ruthless rival racers to see another race.

It’s a fast and furious mix of racing and combat, and the demo at Play Days had game director Andrew Willans on hand to give tips to players looking to try their hand at the upcoming action racer.

Sumo game director Andrew Willans at the show

Parcel Corps: Secret Mode’s stylish and energetic bike courier action game is about contending with a thrilling job in a bustling city. Playing a porter who handles gigs as they arise, you’ve got to deliver valuable packages to folks in need, all while in conflict with an evil corporation trying to take over the city. Managing director Will Barr was at Play Days—complete with a bike courier’s outfit—to give players a dive into the game.

Path of Exile 2: Developer Grinding Gear Games recently revealed the console edition of Path of Exile 2, giving players on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S a chance to dive into the loot-filled mayhem of this action-RPG.

As the true successor to the original legendary Path of Exile, the sequel expands the scope of the world and features more ways for players to fine tune their characters, along with even more loot to find.

Stampede: Racing Royale: This upcoming free-to-play online racing game brings fast-paced kart racing action to the battle royale genre. In Stampede, players will jump into 60-player games where racers will rip through tracks and smash other players to come out first.

Attendees at Play Days had a chance to play with developers and others online in the early access build to see how Stampede is shaping up so far.

Critter Cafe: A new cozy game from Secret Mode and Sumo Digital sees players decorating and running a cafe alongside some fantastical creatures. The game features portals that opens up to allow players to rescue lost Critters too, who then live in the cafe afterwards.

Onward to Gamescom

This year’s showcase provided a variety of games catering to a wide array of audience preferences.

With this view of what’s on the horizon, anticipation now shifts to Gamescom in August. The major annual gaming event in Cologne, Germany is set to reveal more about these titles and what Level Infinite and partners are bringing to players.

As always, watch this space and follow Level Infinite’s YouTube, Instagram, X, and Facebook, for more.

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