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Interdimensional Simulacrum Lan Brings the Fire to Tower of Fantasy

Emerging from the unknown Domain 9, Hotta Studio‘s Tower of Fantasy has a new Simulacrum on the roster, with the flaming Lan jumping into the fray with the Vermilion Bird.

A cheerful but naive individual that transforms into a cold-hearted warrior in the field, Lan will bring all enemies to bear under the heat of the cardinal fire, Lord Zhuque, with her parasol weapon.

Lan Skills in Tower of Fantasy

Lan can dish out hurt with a combo of 5 normal attacks on the ground or in the air, but it is the Vermilion Bird’s additional properties that make this Simulacrum a force to be reckoned with. Equipped with the parasol, any weapon’s normal or dodge attack will spawn an additional parasol for a max of three, allowing players to tap on diverse skills.

Using the weapon skill, Devastating Glide, Lan becomes immune to damage while causing area damage for up to five seconds. Successfully passing through all three parasols grants Lan Vermilion Domain, a shield that confers hyperbody status and reduces all damage. Combine that with Fortitude Resonance, and the area-of-effect enlarges to aid allies.

To add to the synergy, having a higher number of Polyfeather Parasols enhance the skills of Lan, dealing more damage from all angles in different ways.Lan can also explore the world of Tower of Fantasy more effectively, using the parasols as a tether point to gain height rapidly or to slow down descends as a gliding tool.

Lan Key Star Rating Effects

At 1-star in Tower of Fantasy, Lan gains access to Vermilion Strength and Glowing Fire. The former sees ammo costs, damage, charge, and shatter effects of other weapons multiplied by the number of Polyfeather Parasol, while the latter makes crowd control easier by delivering 30% of damage to three other units nearby a target.

At 3-star, Lan will instantly spawn three parasols upon taking damage for the first time, reducing the activation time of stacking parasols. In addition, when players use any weapon discharge or shatter skills, parasols will now trigger a bonus 30% effect for Fiery Crash, boosting Lan’s damage and reducing enemy ATK.

Combat Strategy with Lan in Tower of Fantasy

To maximize Lan’s effects in the game, players are recommended to leverage her support-type flame damage boost. Teaming this newcomer up with Lin and Annabella will provide plenty of Attack Resonance for greater damage, while defensively, Elemental Resonance will do wonders against fiery damage. Such a team will be well-tuned for damage as well as boast shield break and tanky capabilities.

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