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Introducing Tower of Fantasy – The Next Big Open World RPG You Need to Play

Hotta Studio and Level Infinite team up for a 2022 launch

Itching for a new open-world RPG experience on mobile and PC? Look no further than Tower of Fantasy, developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite, coming to PC and mobile later this year.

Set hundreds of years in the future on the distant planet of Aida, Tower of Fantasy invites players into a visually-stunning post-apocalyptic world with a robust character creator, immersive objectives, driven by exciting combat and adventures in an open world brimming with opportunities.

A free-to-play title developed using Unreal Engine 4, combat will be fast-paced and spectacular, with challenging beasts and deadly machines standing in players’ ways. Take advantage of your combat prowess both in the air and on the ground, and switch between different weapons to find your best build and skills to overcome the enemies!

The entire play space can be explored seamlessly, with player movement flexible through a combination of climbing, gliding, and swimming, with real-time motion utilized to breathe new life into the characters found in the world of Tower of Fantasy. Covering huge distances? Hop onto one of the many different mounts in the game and explore in style. The game is also powered by real-world physics for further authenticity.

With a world waiting to be discovered, players can immerse themselves in the main story content, alongside side tasks and dungeons quests. Whether you are playing the game solo or teaming up with your friends, there are hours of enjoyment to be had no matter where you find yourself in Tower of Fantasy.

Following various beta tests, Hotta Studio has implemented plenty of improvements, and the team is still working hard to refine the game ahead of its release. While we are preparing for the upcoming launch on both PC and mobile, interested players can check out the game early by signing up for the Closed Beta Test, starting from March 15 to 28.

Register for the Closed Beta Test today, and keep up with the latest updates via Twitter.

Tower of Fantasy System Requirements:

Android 7.0 and above
At least 4 GB of available space

iOS 12.0 and above
iPhone 8P and later models

Intel Core i5 or equivalent
At least 8 GB of RAM
NVIDIA 1030 and better GPUsㅤ

*Unexpected errors may occur in the CBT version. Please try to follow the recommended requirements we’ve provided.

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