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Legends of Kingdom Rush Now Available on Steam

This is how legends are born, time to grab your sword and potions!

The time to embark on an epic journey through the medieval fantasy world of Kingdom Rush is now, as Ironhide Game Studio finally launches Legends of Kingdom Rush on Steam.

With a colossal evil looming, players will lead the most powerful characters of the Kingdom Rush saga in a highly engaging turn-based RPG-style combat system that is easy to learn, but hard to master.

Explore ruins, find treasures, solve riddles and face formidable monsters as the chosen party explores random settings and unexpected enemies in the beloved fantasy world of Kingdom Rush! From a holy paladin, a deadly assassin, to the eagle-eyed Ranger, players can make the wisest of decisions to put together a party fit enough to overcome the dreadful enemies that await.

Legends of Kingdom Rush is also available on Apple Arcade on iOS.

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