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Martial Arts Master Yu Lan Strikes With Deadly Impact in Tower of Fantasy

Staking her claim as the most skilled fighter in all of Domain 9, Yu Lan is ready to show everyone the true essence of Martial Arts as the latest Simulacrum to join the Tower of Fantasy roster.

Armed with Unity, Domain 9’s most technologically advanced weapon, Yu Lan’s fists and legs transform into deadly weapons that strike fear in the hearts of her foes.

Yu Lan Skills and Mechanisms in Tower of Fantasy

Yu Lan’s speed and grace are unmatched as she pummels foes with acrobatic multi-hit combos that cover both air and ground. Unity gifts her with two unique forms with differing skills and mechanics – Martial Artist and Sweeping Force. 

With Martial Artist, Yu Lan can trigger Chilblain, a damage-over-time effect that ticks every second for 8 seconds while freezing the target. She can also trigger Hyperbody in this form, granting improved resistance to interruptions.

The Martial Artist form prioritizes damage multipliers courtesy of her Internal Strength special mechanic that greatly increases the damage of her weapon skill and also boosts her frost damage for 30 seconds.

As for Sweeping Force, all weapons are buffed, and any frost weapon skill grants Yu Lan Hyperbody for a short period of time. Her Discharge Skill grants a frost damage boost upon landing a hit while simultaneously accumulating Fighting Spirit as well, further boosting damage.

Yu Lan can also take advantage of the new damage type, Swift Cut. With Unity equipped, Icecrush: Swift Cut can deal massive damage upon landing a hit with any weapon discharge skill. Entering battle will also enable stacking of her Swift Cut damage multiplier, further increasing her damage.

Yu Lan Key Star Mechanics

Yu Lan’s 1-star trait in Tower of Fantasy restores one charge of Internal Strength/Fighting Spirit for every three charges consumed, enabling her to cycle through her weapon skills even faster while providing a 30-second boost to dodge/normal attacks.

At 3 stars, her survivability is elevated as she restores a portion of her max HP when three or more Internal Strength/Fighting Spirit is consumed. Her 5-star trait allows her to cheat death, preventing lethal damage once every 60 seconds while recovering HP.

Yu Lan Combat Tips in Tower of Fantasy

Yu Lan is well suited to form a party with Alyss and Fiona while in Martial Artist Form, perfectly complimenting the duo with sustained damage while their skills are cycled.

When in Sweeping Force Form, the pair of Icarus and Fiona are a force to be reckoned with. Yu Lan’s repeated use of her discharge skill and the high-frequency skill use of Icarus ensure that damage is always kept at the maximum.

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