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Metal: Hellsinger Purgatory DLC & Free Horde Mode Now Available

The time to shred and rock is not over just yet. The Outsiders and Funcom are unleashing the new Metal: Hellsinger Purgatory DLC and a free Horde Mode Update upon the world, giving fans of the multi-award winning, critically acclaimed rhythm shooter more of what they love.

The new horde mode is also set to bring players a new way to play, with waves of bigger and badder demons coming at you and juicy power-ups to grab between each wave.

“Our goal with today’s DLC and Update is to give all you legends exactly what you’ve been telling us you want: more original absolute bangers, new ways to annihilate demons, extended play time with the free new Horde Mode,” said the development team.

Metal: Hellsinger Purgatory DLC

With the Purgatory DLC for Metal: Hellsinger, players can look forward to three new original songs put together by Two Feathers. You’ll hear the vocals of Melissa Bonny—Swiss heavy metal singer with the band Ad Infinitum—and Joe Bad, from American deathcore band Fit for an Autopsy. Fans of the game may recognize heavy metal band Trivum’s Matt Heafy.

The new tracks:

  • Goodbye, My Morning Star performed by Matt Heafy
  • Swallow the Fire performed by Melissa Bonny
  • Mouth of Hell performed by Joe Bad

A new Telos bow will also provide players with another exciting way to slay. Deal extra headshot damage by charging up shots, pick up fired arrows to keep shooting without pause, and utilize the ultimate by firing off a hail of arrows in a wide area to bring down the enemy. And everyone can do it in style with three new cosmetic skins.

The new Horde mode update

Galloping straight into Hell alongside the Metal: Hellsinger DLC is the free Horde Mode update. Players will take on increasingly challenging waves of demons in brand-new arenas. Choose between powerful upgrades after each wave and become a true demon to be feared, and spend Void Echoes collected during each run to unlock permanent upgrades.

The new Horde Mode expands and diversifies Metal: Hellsinger by adding a sprinkle of roguelite elements to the already thrilling gameplay flow, each run taking the player on a blazing ride going up from regular demon, to wave of new rampaging creatures. Completing the new mode will also reward the prize of a new skin that lets players spread their wings and glide through the air.

Both the Horde Mode update and the Purgatory DLC are available right now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X|S.

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