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Multiplayer Warfare Comes to Dune: Spice Wars

The eagerly anticipated major update is live, with Dune dominance up for grabs

Multiplayer has now arrived in Dune: Spice Wars, the spice-infused blend of 4X and RTS gameplay that pits the major forces of Dune against each other in an epic struggle for survival and control.

Players can now band together in 2v2 matches or face each other in a free-for-all of up to four players.

In the update, take the reins of the Atreides, Harkonnen, Fremen, or Smugglers in matches for up to four players. Any open spots can be filled with AI-controlled factions ranging in difficulty from easy to insane, with each game possible to be tailored to suit player preferences, including map size and sandworm, storm, and Sietch activity. Victory conditions can also be tweaked.

In addition to the addition of multiplayer, the update also reworks the development trees with a focus on the synergy between factions, and adds new political resolutions, events, regions, and many other improvements.

The Multiplayer Update is the first major delivery on the Early Access Roadmap for Dune: Spice Wars. The spice must flow, and following the Community Update in May and this Multiplayer update, players can expect to see more in the future.

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