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New DLC for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Sees Return of Popular Predecessor Content

At the recently concluded Warhammer Skulls 2023 event, developers Fatshark revealed more good news for fans of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 in the form of the Karak Azgaraz DLC. This latest free DLC will arrive on June 13 for PC players, with console support coming in the near future.

“We’re happy to announce Karak Azaraz for Vermintide 2. We’ve worked hard to bring three fan-favorite levels from the first game back in remastered fashion,” said Sacha Karsenty, Producer on Vermintide 2.

“We’re also proud that even after 5 years, we can still support Vermintide 2 thanks to our great community. This week’s community celebration and in-game event are a testament to that. And let’s not forget about Sienna’s new career! We won’t go into detail yet, but we are excited to share more soon.”

The announcement continues to showcase Fatshark’s commitment to supporting the game, now in its fifth year, with the addition of an upcoming in-game event, new content, and an update on the next playable Career in addition to the Vermintide 2 DLC.

For the Skulls for the Skull Throne event, players can pick up skulls on various maps to affect gameplay for greater challenge and receive a limited-time player portrait frame in return. Fatshark also challenges players to unite and defeat as many enemies as possible between May 25 to June 4 for five limited-time red-colored weapon variants for their heroes to wield. Sienna’s fourth career is also planned for a release in Fall later this year.

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