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New Leatherface Design Debuting in Texas Chain Saw Massacre This October

With The Texas Chain Saw Massacre already unleashed on unsuspecting victims, developers at Sumo Digital Nottingham and Gun Interactive are not done yet bringing the horror. In a new partnership with horror icon Greg Nicotero, the teams are working to deliver a new Leatherface to the chaotic fun found in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Famous for his iconic special-effects work on horror titles from Creepshow 2 to The Walking Dead, Nicotero is undoubtedly a master of his craft. There is nothing more satisfying to the creator than bringing to life true terror and realism, pushing the horror genre further with each new creation.

To help fans understand just what goes into the process, Nicotero detailed the creation of a fresh Leatherface. This includes the specially designed mask and outfit, a universal signature kill, and an exclusive saw with custom sound, whetting fans’ appetite for more ways to scare and destroy their opponents.

“What’s so rewarding about working alongside Greg is his wealth of knowledge, his experience with practical effects, makeup and the art of creature creation. He’s touched so many horror franchises over the years, it just made sense to bring him on board. And when the two of us get together, it’s like kids in a candy store! We had a blast working on this, and bringing that vision to life is something both Gun and Sumo are very proud of,” shared Keltner.

Coming this October, the Nicotero Leatherface for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will retail for $15.99.

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