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New Simulacrum Fiona Turns Tide of Battle in Tower of Fantasy

Hotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy is laying down the red carpet for Fiona, the leader and administrator of the underwater city of Innars, who is bringing her brand of swift justice to the battlefield.

Vera’s only hope for a brighter tomorrow, Fiona wields the majestic Moonlight Bracelet, a powerful weapon that exacts perfection and grace from its user. 

Fiona Skills and Support Skills in Tower of Fantasy

The power of her Moonlight Bracelet gives Fiona the broadest range of skills in the game and configurable scatter techniques that provide a complexity never before seen in Tower of Fantasy.

Fiona’s weapon takes the form of twin blades that slice her opponents with surgical strokes, leaving ripples of destruction in her wake. Her Torrential Convergence attack rains down aquatic summons, all while boosting skill and discharge skill damage.

Fiona Tower of Fantasy

When faced with enemies from all sides, Fiona calls upon the ocean’s fury with her Vortex skill, as whirlpools ravage the area before converging for an aquatic explosion. Crashing Falls is another area of effect skill that leaves enemies vulnerable to multi-hit combos and other attacks.

Shimmering Radiance sees Fiona focus her energy on summoning a deadly aquatic serpent that devastates the area with a concentrated blast, leading foes to their watery graves.

Fiona’s all-around skill set in Tower of Fantasy allows her to be a primary damage dealer and act as a support character with skills like Hydro Focus which boosts all elemental damage, and Aqua Shackles, which reduce enemy resistance and confines them in an Aqua Prison for a short time.

Fiona Key Star Effects

Fiona’s One Star effect grants her an elemental crystal whenever she uses a weapon or discharge skill. These crystals can stack up to five, each providing a final damage boost and increased healing effect, improving her overall usefulness.

Fiona’s Moonlight Bracelet becomes even deadlier with her Three Star effect in Tower of Fantasy, allowing her to execute enemies with low HP instantly. Her Five Star effect further improves elemental crystal acquisition and duration, and increases survivability by blocking lethal damage and acquiring temporary damage immunity at the cost of three elemental crystals.

Fiona Combat Tips

Due to her complex mechanics, players must first learn the ins and outs of her skills and scatter techniques. In addition, two scatter techniques must be enabled, and the order of these will determine how the techniques are used, so choose wisely.

Fiona’s flexibility allows her to take her spot in many party compositions in Tower of Fantasy. Whether it’s damage or support, Fiona and her Moonstar Bracelet are ready for the challenge ahead.

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