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NExT Studios Drops New SYNCED Update & Community Q&A

With Level Infinite and developer NExT Studios‘ companion-based looter shooter SYNCED set for a summer PC launch in 2023, the community has been eager to find out what’s next in store for the game other than the planned console release that will follow. To address these concerns, Creative Director Clark Yang has utilized the latest SYNC Up to answer some of the more pressing questions about SYNCED, as well as the feedback from its Open Beta testing back in December.

“We learnt that the game works, the main structure, the progression system, and especially between the PvP and PvE, we found out that a lot of players play both modes and they enjoy the different dynamics between those two modes,” Yang said of the findings compiled by the team. Players have been diving deep into the progression mechanics, coming up with strategic and optimized builds powered by different mods in order to enhance their combat capability and overall power, a promising sign that SYNCED will have enough depth to keep players busy.

To further improve on that, SYNCED will also be tweaking the Runner mod progression to be deeper and more interesting, with further additions in the form of the Guntech weapons and armband lines. The former makes it possible for players to focus on upgrading one specific weapon to make it more powerful and useful, creating a lynchpin in the arsenal, whereas the latter expands the flexibility for players to add more attributes to the Runner and the Nano.

A key takeaway from the testing for SYNCED has also led to a new feature called Nano Leap, which essentially allows players to navigate across a distance of about 30m in a flash using their Nano, making it easier for repositioning and quick getaways both in PvP and PvE.

While work continues to polish SYNCED for its eventual release, Yang was also on hand for a Q&A, which interested players can check out below:

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