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Nightingale: Reviewers applaud Realm Cards and fun co-op possibilities

Reviewers all over the world spent the weekend playing Nightingale, having been given preview access to Inflexion’s co-op survival-crafting game. 

During this session, media got a first-hand experience of the gaslamp Victorian fantasy setting of Nightingale, and were introduced to its Realm Card system, which allows players to customize their experience when entering portals to new realms. 

Many reviewers were also thrilled with the ability to traverse the landscape with an umbrella.

Check out what they had to say:


“Although the survival-crafting genre is seeing a resurgence as of late, Inflexion Games’ Nightingale truly stands out from the pack.”

PC Gamer

“Nightingale stands out from the co-op survival game crowd with compelling world-building and the power to create and explore your own magical realms.”

Rock Paper Shotgun

“The other way Nightingale makes procgen interesting again is to characterise the generation of worlds as the act of drawing from a deck of enchanted (Realm) cards…It’s a wonderful idea that ties Nightingale’s world-building to much older, analog traditions of “procedural generation”…and introduces a sly “gotta collect ’em all” mechanic that I’d love to become the basis for some kind of full-blown card-trading scene.”


“We also had ammo infused with fire, ice, electricity, and poison and could pull magical spells from our enchanted gear to cast during fights to increase defense or heal teammates. There’s a fairly deep combat system in Nightingale that mixes up-close melee battles and first-person-shooter elements that felt punchy and satisfying throughout.”

“I recently went hands-on with a pre-launch build of Nightingale and found a survival crafting game that has the potential to be the genre’s next big hit. It doesn’t rock the boat too much at first, but once players can dive deep into its lore, building, and innovative Realm Card system, exploring the Faelands looks like an entertaining experience, especially in multiplayer.”


“Nightingale has huge potential, even in a genre that’s packed to the rafters. The Realm system doesn’t only offer players a chance to explore and discover as a community rather than being led down a garden path, it also lets players make Nightingale whatever they want it to be.”


“They say all games are better with friends, but Nightingale appears to be one of those games to which the saying is especially true… as far as first impressions go, Nightingale is damn good. If you’re a fan of the survival game genre and haven’t got this game on your radar, remedy that and start saving.”


“The secret to Nightingale’s Realmwalking lies in Realm Cards… Within the scope of the preview, generating realms went off without a hitch, and environmental detail and vivid lighting that punch above the survival crafting standard offer some real pleasures when exploring them.”


“Here’s what makes Nightingale unique. Nightingale has a card system which allows you to travel through realms. Realm Cards offer a thrilling and creative experience in crafting virtual worlds through Nightingale’s portal network.”


“To sum up, Nightingale is a back-to-basics survival crafting game of which expansion is very much looked forward to. Users have freedom in gathering resources and building their own base, while there is enough fun in exploring dungeons and taking on bosses either in solo or with a group of people. Meanwhile, player growth and base expansion worked well together.”

Nightingale will launch in early access on February 20, and will be available for PC gamers on Steam and the Epic Game Store. In the meantime, players can get prepared for Nightingale’s expansive world with Inflexion’s performance expectations benchmarking chart.

Nightingale is the studio’s first self-published game with the support of Level Infinite. Find out more on the official Nightingale site and join the official Nightingale Discord.

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