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Nightingale Stress Test Set For Early 2024

Ahead of its early February 22 release into Early Access, Inflexion Games is once again harnessing the power of its community to help ensure that everything goes smoothly at the launch of Nightingale. As shared in a blog post, the team is looking for Realmwalkers to help stress-test the servers at the start of the new year.

This will allow the team to gather the necessary data that will refine the game before its launch, as the work continues on the studio’s debut effort.

“There are no bad outcomes to this test. Whether it’s all smooth connections, or the servers catch fire, the team will gain valuable information to prepare for the Early Access launch in February,” shared Inflexion.

For those who have been part of any previous playtesting will have to join the occasion just like everyone else, as Inflexion looks to put the game through its paces. To sign up, simply head over to the Steam page for Nightingale and request for access under the Nightingale Playtest option.

“We hope that all participants can connect to the Realms and enjoy the first couple of hours of the game without interruption. However, it may be that all or some participants might experience longer than usual connection times, or may not be able to connect at all,” the post continued.

There will be more details shared in January about the test, including final information on the date and times, as well as confirming the maximum number of participants. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates as Nightingale marches towards its Early Access release.

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