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Optimizing the Ogryn in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Move your feat

The four classes in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide are highly versatile, with the broad customization options allowing players to develop their own play style, and that applies to the Ogryn. Primarily a Tank that should be the focus of enemy attention, Ogryns can be so much more: a defensive wall, a hefty damage dealer, or a member that is capable of clutch-play support in Darktide

A Heavyweight Contender

Choose feats that boost the Ogryn’s hardiness and capacity to protect teammates in Darktide. At level 5, Lynchpin is the ideal choice. It doubles Toughness replenishment for allies in Coherency – a vital buff that works to also encourage keeping the team together. Combine it with Towering Presence at level 15 to boost the Coherency radius by 50%. 

Heavyweight is level 10’s most broadly useful feat – it’s defensive bonus is always in play while the other two options are more offensive and limited to specific circumstances.

Level 20 presents the first tough choice for the Ogryn in Darktide. All three feats are useful without a clear winner. Die Hard probably offers the widest application, however, Damage-focused Ogryns will be slightly better served by Bloodthirst. Hard As Nails aids Support play – and with the Ogryn already the best at assisting fallen teammates, the extra resilience while reviving only strengthen something you’ll be doing frequently.

At level 25, Payback Time and Raging Bull are both solid picks that work to make the Ogryn more effective at fighting in a crowd. The former enables damage received to boost damage dealt while the latter stacks bonus damage when hitting multiple enemies with the consecutive attacks. Knife Through Butter improves heavy melee attacks, but is less useful due to the focus on heavy attacks.

Rush Hour

Unstoppable at level 30 is great for any Ogryn in Darktide. Being able to Bull Rush twice as far means you should always be able to be in right spot at the right time. Bull Gore adds a more offensive layer to the Bull Rush by stacking bleed on hits, while Non-Stop Violence is similarly subtle – replenishing Toughness is always welcome, but Lynchpin should already be enough.

As far as weapons are concerned, it’s impossible to go wrong with the Slab Shield and Battle Maul combo. Tack on a block efficiency modifier and the Ogryn’s defensive wall is complete. And finally, when selecting Curios, focus on Health boosts first. 

Staying alive is the Ogryn’s number one job in Darktide. Later on, adding resistances or increasing revive speed and Toughness regeneration are not bad choices. But even then, adding more Health is always a good idea.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is available on Steam now.

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