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Optimizing the Veteran in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Move your feat

As a sharpshooter, the Veteran is the ranged combat expert of the Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. However, there are different ways to utilize that expertise. The Veteran’s choice of feats defines their role in the team, and this guide will help Veterans pick those that best suit their preferred play style.

There are good reasons to take any of the level 5 feats. At Arm’s Length is the easiest to maintain – a Veteran should always be keeping their distance in Darktide – and offers a steady but modest return. Exhilarating Takedown and Confirmed Kill have the slight edge in that returns are bigger and actual kills are rewarded. When the Veteran is used for DPS, Confirmed Kill is the best choice.

Nuts And Bolts

Level 10 feats are similarly situational. Sniper is the one every Veteran will benefit from and is the best choice in most instances. However, when wielding a weapon that is slow to reload, such as the Boltgun, Tactical Reload is a boon. The free grenades from Demolition Stockpile are best used when the Veteran is needed to clear the horde. 

Level 15’s selection has the same split. Demo Team is best for horde-clearing, Bio-Optic Targeting is useful for Psyker support, and Covering Fire offers the best returns when the Vet is with melee-loving Ogryns and Zealots.

At level 20, Camo Expert leans into the idea of a Veteran as a lone sniper in Darktide, and it synergizes well with At Arm’s Length. The damage reduction from Unwavering Focus is useful when taking out enemy snipers, and Duck and Dive is best together with level 25’s Deadshot feat, as it will mitigate all of the stamina loss accrued.

Speaking of Deadshot, for the majority of players, it’s the best option at level 25. Greater accuracy and better criticals when targeting enemy weak spots are terrific enhancements. If the Veteran is more focused on the horde, then Frag Storm will help. One After Another should only be considered when wielding the Bolter, and even then, Deadshot is still the superior option.

A Balanced Loadout

At level 30, Counterfire is the prime pick as it is best suited to most situations. The Bigger They Are… only comes into its own when facing specific bosses. And if the earlier feats that improve reload speed were passed over, Sustained Fire is useful particularly when embarking on a Darktide mission where the Veteran is more likely to be taking damage.

Finally, the other factor to consider when developing a Veteran is weapon choice. It’s important to understand the role, whether players are tasked to take out specials or if they’ll be expected to thin the horde. Getting the balance here is important. 

Pick a ranged weapon that’s effective against armor and specials, and it’s best to complement that with a melee weapon that’s equipped for the horde, and vice versa. Once unlocked, the Power Sword and Boltgun make for a formidable pairing.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is available on Steam now.

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