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Overcoming the Early & Epic Boss Fights of V Rising

The boss battles in V Rising are a genuine highlight of the game. Each encounter is carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed, and no two feel alike, from defiant humans to supernatural rivals to giant stone golems. Not only does this variety keep the ascent to apex predator interesting, but the rewards provide strong motivation to invest for the long haul.

The Delicious Risk/Reward of Bosses

V Rising offers 35+ “V Blood” bosses, secreted about the five vastly distinct regions of Vardoran. Upon defeating these V Blood bosses, the rewards could be unique magical abilities, vampiric powers, structures, and recipes to significantly boost one’s personal growth.

First, players should engage the Alpha Wolf boss. Touch the Blood Altar in the home castle to be beset by beasts, and providing distance is kept from the big dog and its betas are prioritized first, the Wolf Form can be earned. Using it to move at +45% speed is worth the trouble.

As for Keely, the Frost Archer, found in the south of Farbane Woods; increased locomotion will be vital to dodging her triple ice arrows. As before, eliminate those backup minions before focusing on the ranged threat. Evasion should be interspersed with 3 to 4 slash attacks. Keely — and a lucrative Power, Structure and Recipe triple reward — will soon drop in V Rising.

Hammer Time With a Trap Happy Armorer

When one’s fangs grow sharper, it’s time to bite into something tougher. Hit level 23, and it’s time to seek out Grayson the Armorer, a monster of a man in the west of Farbane Woods. He’s a high-health pool specimen, adept at swinging a very mean hammer. Anybody beyond his range is treated to thrown traps in V Rising.

Surprisingly, the traps prove to be the more significant threat. Blundering into one will slow the victim to molasses as their health depletes, and a critical strike from an archer or Grayson himself will soon follow.

The wise vampire will pilfer and equip the armor pieces hanging around the camp, providing several seconds of invulnerability. Use this to trigger the traps, consequence-free, and Grayson can be your dinner soon after.

A Not-So-Private Dance With a Devil

Let’s fast forward to one of the hardest bosses in this area. Level 37 players ought to seek an audience with Nicholaus The Fallen in the middle cemetery of Farbane Woods.

The clever types will have noticed the day/night cycle of V Rising can affect more than visibility. Make your assault in the daytime, and you’ll be inundated with the undead. Slip in at night, and there won’t be a Thriller flash mob.

Unencumbered by incidental foes, one will only need to deal with Nicholas’ summoned skeletons. They’re a gutless bunch who can be swept aside with Area of Effect attacks. The greater danger is his poisonous spells. Best engage at a range, preferably by spamming the Chaos Barrage ability.

Planning, positioning and adapting to take advantage of crucial environmental items are good stratagems in V Rising. Adhere to these tactics, and players will keep their blood in their veins and that of their defeated opponents. Nothing else tastes sweeter in V Rising.

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