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Pre-Registration for Open-World RPG Tower of Fantasy Available Now

Global launch set for the third quarter of 2022

Pre-registrations for the highly anticipated open-world action RPG, Tower of Fantasy, are now open. Interested players can indicate their interest now and secure several limited-time rewards ahead of the launch.

Set for a global release in Q3 2022 on both PC and mobile, the game will support eight languages – English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, and Indonesian – at launch.

Tower of Fantasy will be unlocking different levels of rewards based on the number of pre-registered users. The pre-registration rewards include:

  • 500,000 players: Astra Frame x1, Black Nucleus X2, Wholegrain Bread X10, Gold x2888
  • 1 million players: Limited Title x1, Black Nucleus X3, Fried Chicken X10, Weapon Battery III X3
  • 1.5 million players: Gold Nucleus X3, Avatar: Zeke x1, Sizzling Meat X10, Gold x3888
  • 2 million players: Jetpack Paint: Orion x1, Gold Nucleus X3, Crispy Grilled Fish x10, Weapon battery III X4
  • 2.5 million players: Outfit: Star Sand X1, Gold Nucleus X4, Nut Tea X10, Gold X6888

Register now: Official Website | App Store | Google Play Store | Steam | Epic Games Store

Tower of Fantasy can be wishlisted on both Steam and Epic Games Store as well. Keep up with Tower of Fantasy via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord.

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