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Present & Correct: A Guide to Giving Gifts in Tower of Fantasy

It’s gift-giving season all year round in Tower Of Fantasy, allowing players to strengthen the bond of affection and unlock new abilities.

Gift-giving is part of the Awakening system in Tower Of Fantasy. Essentially, it helps achieve the full potential of each character. Each gift a character receives will add points to their Awakening and unlock new dialogue and character traits at certain thresholds at 600, 1200, and 4000 points.

Where to Get Gifts

Tracking down the right gifts can be done by completing quests or by purchasing them from the Points Store, the Crystal Dust Store and several vendors throughout the world.

The Points Store in the Commissary is the best destination for gift shopping. Here players can spend the points earned at the training centre to buy three rarities of gifts: Special (purple), Fine (blue) and Small (green). The higher the price, the better the return. 

That said, there are also other avenues for last-minute shopping. The Crystal Dust Store sells Special and Fine gifts in exchange for energy crystal dust accumulated via expending Vitality. Claude, the Banges Item Vendor will sell a limited number of Small gifts each week in exchange for gold. There’s also the claw machine at the amusement park on Cetus Island which can net players Small gifts.

The Right Gifts in Tower of Fantasy

Every character will have a preference for a particular type of gift. Meryl, for example, loves Metalware and Rare Items while Samir is keen on Games and Toys. Consult the information below to make gift-giving in Tower of Fantasy more efficient:

  • Bai Ling: Collectibles, Decorations, Rare Items
  • Coco Ritter: Decorations, Rare Items, Toys
  • Crow: Everyday Items, Figurines, Limited Edition
  • Echo: Everyday Items, Games, Limited Edition
  • Ene: Decorations, Games, Toys
  • Hilda: Figurines, Limited Edition, Toys
  • Huma: Decorations, Everyday Items, Games
  • King: Collectibles, Limited Edition, Rare Items
  • Meryl: Metalware, Rare Items
  • Nemesis: Decorations, Everyday Items, Toys
  • Pepper: Collectibles, Decorations, Everyday Items
  • Samir: Games, Toys
  • Shiro: Collectibles, Metalware, Rare Items
  • Tsubasa: Figurines, Limited Edition, Rare Items
  • Zero: Games, Limited Edition

For players seeking the highest possible return of 80 Awakening points in Tower of Fantasy, these are the ideal gifts for each character:

  • Bai Ling: Snow Globe, Warren Fossil
  • Cocoritter: Snow Globe
  • Crow: Aida Comic, Limited Tata Figurine
  • Echo: Aida Comic, New Game Console
  • Ene: N/A
  • Hilda: Aida Comic, Limited Tata Figurine.
  • Huma: Angela Ornament
  • King: Crown Token
  • Meryl: Warren Fossil
  • Nemesis: Angela Ornament, Warren Fossil
  • Pepper: Angela Ornament
  • Samir: N/A
  • Shiro: Silver Cookware, Warren Fossil
  • Tsubasa: Aida Comic, Limited Tata Figurine, Void Angel Figurine
  • Zero: New Game Console, New Game Console

Tower of Fantasy is now available on PC and mobile.

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